Reducing working hours increase productivity

We are used to hearing that working longer means having more and better results. However, this belief is being increasingly rejected by HR experts around the world. A recent study by the Center of a New American Dream revealed that reducing working hours per day influence positively on the productivity of employees .

The study results indicate that people who work 11 hours a day are 2.5 times more likely to be depressed and 60% more likely to suffer heart disease . In addition, a 75% of parents who work more than eight hours five days a week say they have enough time to care for their children, and 59% claimed to have no time even to himself.

All this leads to workers feel very unmotivated and thus lower their levels of performance . In this regard, experts say that when you have to meet a very long workday , tend to divide tasks and dispersed in a while conversing with peers, having coffee, lunch, etc.

Our country is no stranger to this reality. The 23-second report of the Department of Labor shows that although the Chilean working 25% more than Europeans , 15% more than the Japanese and 14% more Americans find themselves relegated to efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Not to mention they are exposed to suffer the dreaded ” burnout “or” burned worker “. This condition occurs when a person reaches the limit of its capabilities for exhaustion, which can create problems both physically and psychologically.

If you feel exhausted lately but you can not sleep at night, you suffer severe headaches, dizziness, sudden sadness, anxiety and disregard for your feelings and life in general, maybe you’re a victim of this modern syndrome. Here are a few methods to combat it .

1. Spend more time with friends and family

Surround yourself with your loved ones can be a great way to renew your energy . In them you will find the advice and encouragement to go ahead and finish the year with a renewed spirit. Not to mention that you turn away from the stress and worries of work to have a good time and relax.

2. Change air

Sometimes a physical change of place is what we need to clear the mind. If you live in a big city, likely to experience firsthand the anxiety generated by traffic jams, long wait for the bus, etc. Plan a weekend getaway to the beach, camping, mountain or any natural landscape that gives you the peace you need to recharge your energies.

3. Disconnect from the digital world

In the era of new technologies, we are constantly bombarded with information of all kinds: pictures of your friends in Facebook, virtual invitations to events, links to videos and news of all kinds, WhatsApp conversations , etc. Although it may seem a lie, detox all these platforms for 24 hours can help you to become to focus on what really matters.

4. Make a cure sleep

If you feel lately overdrawn by the demands at work , you’re probably not serving well your sleep cycles . You might wake up during the night, you have recurring nightmares or just you achieve not sleep. Take one night during the weekend, disconnect your phone, prepare a relaxing atmosphere in your room and try to sleep for at least 8 hours straight.