Relationship Secrets: How To Be Understanding

Good understanding lays the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. Most of us dream of a life partner, who understands and cares: women especially, long for “understanding” in a relationship more than men. It is common for one to have numerous expectations from a relationship but it is equally important to match up to your partner’s expectations as well! How many of us, sincerely care about living up to our partner’s expectations? Most of us would love to be accepted the way we are. Yet there is no harm in putting some efforts, to accept and be accepted. To achieve that comfort level and strike a good rapport, it is important for us to move out of our comfort zone and show how much we care for our love. So how does one attempt to be “UNDERSTANDING”?

APPRECIATION: Marriage is a union of two individuals with different ideologies and a unique identity. While it is necessary to appreciate the positive aspects in your partner, it is equally important to accept their flaws having no qualms. Helping your partner, win over his or her weakness or being positively influenced by his or her goodness can add strength and stability to your love life.

COMMUNICATION: spending quality time with each other is necessary, as most couples have less time for each other; given their hectic work schedules. Make use of every opportunity to know each other as it helps you get familiar with all the aspects of your personality. Good communication aids compatibility: express your feelings, put across your perspective without any inhibitions and without fear of being judged. Talk when you are together and text, when work keeps you away from each other. Stay connected!

RESPECT: Respect your partner irrespective of the differences you share. Treat your partner as an equal. Let love prevail and remain undeterred by achievements or failures and unaffected by highs and lows.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: This is the key ingredient in every successful relationship. Every person longs for a partner who can love him/her unconditionally. So why not be one?Divorce

FREEDOM: Many individuals fear commitment, as they lose the freedom to be themselves and sense a threat to their identity. While one has to be answerable in a relationship, it is equally important to give your partner some space and let them grow as individuals.

DEDICATION: While every relationship survives on equal give and take from both the partners. In order to be understanding one has to give his/her hundred percent dedication and equal devotion.

Every relationship needs a certain course of time to reach a good level of understanding. Until then conflicts, difference of opinion and misunderstandings may come your way as obstacles that threaten to deter your belief in love. Let these obstacles not affect your relationship. If you want to be happily married or happy in a relationship; work towards being UNDERSTANDING!