Richest Middle Class In The World Is Not In The United States

We have been fed a lie for quite a long time that America is home to the richest middle class in the world. This is more than just a fib; it is an outright lie, as we are clearly ranked #27 in the world! How did we drop so low or have we always been there? In the richest country in the world, you would think that our ranking would be much higher, yet we are sadly behind many countries that are much poorer than we.

The economy has been trying to recover for years now and it seems that every time we see a light at the end of the tunnel, there is more bad news. Recent reports have shown that more people are filing for unemployment benefits for their first time, meaning that new job losses are occurring. People all over the country are finding this information disturbing and wondering what they will do if their job ends.

In America, we have some of the richest people in the world. We have the most millionaires of any other country and some of our resident’s hold more wealth than one could ever imagine. With these great riches, those in the middle and lower class should be experiencing the trickle down effect, making the lives of everyone better.

Since the recession occurred years ago, many people have been fighting to keep what they have. With the prices of everything going up and the job shortages, there is a real crisis that needs to be averted. Though the government could most assuredly do something to help the plight of the American people, they seem to be stuck on doing just the opposite.

Unfortunately, the middle class is becoming more and more poor, instead of getting any of these trickles. In comparison to the rest of the world’s middle class, America’s is falling far behind. As the economy continues to suffer, we are seeing our ranking dropping even further. So why is there such a difference in our wealthiest and in our poorest? Instead of balanced wealth, we are seeing extremes of wealth in certain individuals and no true middle class, to speak of.america job

If you are a part of the middle class, you are most likely feeling the pain in your wallet, as everything seems to be growing in expense. Many wonder how it is that the rich just keep getting richer and the middle and lower classes are simply getting poorer. While many of the rich were born into their money, some were able to find their riches because they refused to settle for less than all that they wanted out of life.

There is not some secret that the rich know that we do not. They simply work off of opportunity and learn what can help them to excel. They are really no different than you and I. They simply found their niche and were able to make it work for them.