Sabic oil & gas Jobs & Careers Saudi Arabia

Sabic oil & gas Jobs & Careers

Since SABIC’s establishing, its workers have shown a striking capacity to do what others said wasn’t possible.

Positioned among the world’s biggest petrochemicals makers, SABIC is an open organization situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 70% of the Organization’s offers are possessed by the Saudi Middle Eastern government, with the staying 30% traded on an open market on the Saudi stock trade. SABIC started in 1976 by Illustrious pronouncement and its development has been out and out supernatural. Today, the organization has tasks in more than 50 nations with a worldwide workforce of more than 33,000 skilled people.

SABIC is made out of four vital specialty units – Petrochemicals, Strengths, Agri-Supplements, and Metals – each headed by a Leader VP. They bolster clients by distinguishing and creating openings in key end markets, for example, development, clinical gadgets, bundling, agri-supplements, electrical and hardware, transportation and clean vitality.

SABIC’s important corporate workplaces and home office are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with major mechanical tasks in the modern city of Al-Jubail on the Middle Eastern Inlet, just as in Yanbu on the Red Ocean.

SABIC’s worldwide nearness keeps on developing quickly. Our yearning plans for extension are coordinated by the advancement of a framework of assembling plants, innovation focuses, circulation focuses, workplaces and storerooms around the world. This empowers us to react proficiently to the requirements of our clients in key markets the world over.

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