Scholarships for young and researchers


Scholarships for young and researchers

This is the fifth edition of Universia offering 20 new scholarships to Colombian university community seeking to promote research and educational development.The purpose of these financial aid is to complete the training and specialization of scientific and technical research trainees.

A process that is done by a stay in any other Latin American research center or university, other than the country of origin. Each scholarship will be offered to the value of 5,000 euros each, to finance travel costs of accommodation and meals with the amount of the scholarship. The minimum required stay is 2 months. Who can apply? Researchers in training and young professors and researchers from partner universities and affiliated Universia Colombia, who must have a contract or have an appointment at the time of granting scholarship and in force during the period in which the research visit at which it is intended to develop. They should be people under 35 years, with a project which should show the work plan to develop in college or target center. This must be endorsed by the origin or the director of the research group to which it belongs college. Once the candidate applies, it will evaluate candidates, checking:

  • The curricular profile of candidates
  • The academic or scientific interest magazine the project submitted by each candidate.
  • The level of excellence, research quality and fitness center or institution chosen target, analyzing their research project or training.
  • ¬†Diversifying Grant recipients in order to cover research the five major areas of knowledge:. Life Science, Engineering, Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities ?

How to apply

only be accepted requests made on-line through the web There you will find the link “Open calls” and select “Colombia”. Once there must register to apply for the scholarship.


When you already have the registration application, you will find instructions for registration in the scholarship and application forms which must necessarily be used.


  • The deadline applications will be until midnight on June 1, 2017.
  • The stay at the university or destination must be commenced within the calendar year 2017.