Stop: Ten good tips to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is not easy. Even knowing the harmful effects of smoking, quitting smoking is an elusive goal for most people, but not impossible, everyone can do it. Here are some tips that can help you quit smoking :
1. Set a date to start. You should stop smoking completely on that day. If desired, the days can reduce the consumption of cigarettes.
2. Communicate your decision to family and friends.
Three. Get rid of cigarettes and ashtrays, and clean everything smells like smoke: clothing, furniture, curtains, etc.
4. Remove cigarettes and ashtrays from the car, and instead placed sugarless gum.
5. Identify the moments that feel more cravings. It may be after the meal, while watching TV, when you drink coffee or alcohol, when you’re stressed / a, etc. Think of something else to do in those moments when you wish to smoke more intensely: making tea instead of coffee, go for a walk after dinner, etc.
6. Changing your routine can help you stop smoking . Eat at different times or performs many small meals instead of three large meals. Sit in a different, or even in a different room chair.
7. Keep healthy snacks on hand: celery or carrot sticks, fresh fruit, whole grain crackers, etc. When you quit smoking , it is normal to feel anxious and feel like to take something in the mouth. Also try to put you a straw or a cinnamon stick, pretending to smoke.
8. Find support groups. Many health centers have support programs for people who want to quit smoking.
9. Get product information for nicotine replacement (gum, patches, etc.) and that can help you quit smoking .
10. There are also some medications that can be helpful in quitting cigarettes, see your doctor.