Strength and physical capacity for adults

Fitness in adults and elderly
The elderly and has made no exercise is not an impediment to further develop and increase the strength and physical ability in adults in midlife, says Dr. Angela Smith, past president of the American College of Sports Medicine.

The onset of physical activity at 40, 50 or even 60 years can enjoy the same benefits of the body’s adaptation to exercise , if you had younger. Dr. Smith says that research shows that even octogenarians can double their strength if do a weight training . Smith, Medical Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia expresses: ” . The game is not over, even if you have not been active yet You can opt for aerobic wellness , the bone health , agility. It’s amazing that these things can actually be achieved. There is good evidence that among people who have arthritis, the stronger have less pain and get fit decreases chances of getting cancer . ” The science suggests that the beginning of any kind of physical exercise produces positive changes and benefits in practice who no matter how many years you have. The myth that a certain age should not move or perform physical activity , is banished by the contribution of researchers in the field of physiology. This is evidence of what the ’80s was known empirically that the concept was used of ” young old and young old “to refer to those who followed a plan of fitness even at advanced ages, and young sedentary. Among other things he had seen that the profile of an analytical test for blood was similar in young sedentary 20 years with an active adult 40 years. Therefore, the increased physical capacity is available to anyone who decides to carry it out.

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