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6 Tips to Create Characters Your Readers Can Relate Too

1.) Why personality traits are so important. Every person on this earth has a variety of personality traits that fit into these 5 categories: Very Good, Good, Neutral, Bad, or Very Bad. Personality traits are what make us interesting. Most traits can be summed up in one word. For instance: …

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Mid-Life Career Planning: Dealing With A Bad Boss

Who hasn’t been there: working for a bad boss! The truth is, many bosses are bad simply because they haven’t acquired training or skills. Therefore chances are high you will work for a bad boss if your corporate career lasts long enough. Some companies even assess your long-term ability based …

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Career Advice – Never Let Your Boss Be Surprised By Bad News

There is only one thing worse than delivering bad news to your boss. That is not raising the red flag when you know trouble is brewing, because it is a cardinal sin to let your boss be surprised. No organization escapes the negatives forever. Budgets are not met. Deliveries are …

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