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A New Trend – But Is It Better?

The popularity of online job boards has increased over the last ten years until it seems that most people find their dream careers through this means. Experts, however, are predicting a shift from online job boards to social media venues to find the “perfect job” more quickly while creating lasting relationships and establishing authority in the desired field. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter may have once been simply socially or friend-based, but they have since evolved to be business-oriented platforms for professional development. Is this trend shift better than using online job boards? Read More »

Where to Look For New Jobs Online

There are many ways to find job opportunities in any field you are looking to work. You can try the old-fashioned methods of checking newspaper ads and cold-calling businesses in the area, but professionally, your best bet is to try internet job boards and search engines, emailing your resume to the correct hiring manager, and going through the correct professional channels. This ensures that you begin in the good professional graces of whoever is responsible for the hiring decision. Read More »

Maximizing Online Job Search Sites

There are many reasons why job seekers use online job search sites to look for new opportunities. The sheer convenience of being able to search for a job on the Internet has made online job search sites very popular with candidates of all ages and backgrounds. However, for many this can be a frustrating endeavor looking for and applying for work online. If you want to maximize the time that you spend on job search sites, here are some ways you can make the best of this effort. Read More »

USA Job Boards – The Top 3 Ways to Use Online Job Boards to Help Your Job Search

When people begin to conduct a job search, the online USA Job Boards are a common place to turn for research and information. There are many great job board websites available for use such as monster.com, careerbuilder.com, and dice.com, but it is important to know how to best use these resources to improve your results.

Here are the Top 3 Ways to Use Online USA Job Boards to Help with Your Job Search: Read More »

3 Job Searching Tips on How to Find a Job Online

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.

– Mark Twain

Finding a job is hard enough, but throw in a bunch of technology into the mix and it can become even more chaotic. From innovative social platforms like Facebook to the latest job search engines like Indeed, the job search process doesn’t begin with browsing the newspaper for openings like it used to. So, how do you find a job online and where do you start? Here are three helpful job searching tips. Read More »