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Authors, Build Your Plan and Successfully Publish Your Book

Hundreds of people dream every day about writing books and making a living from their efforts. It is possible, but in order to make your dream a reality, you will need to follow a list of techniques and critical steps before you write your first word.

There are several critical steps you need to master before you write anything. The steps might seem too simple to be helpful, but if you don’t follow a proven method, you will quickly run into difficulty and your book will go nowhere. Your first task is to make a plan that will keep you on track while you are creating your book. It’s a simple thing: No Plan = No Book! Read More »

How Can I Write My Book Faster?' – A Quick and Easy Guide For Writers

Words I often hear from clients are these: “I’m slow at writing and frequently get stuck. I wish I had a magic want to enable me to concentrate on writing and improving and work faster!”

This is an incredibly common problem – slow writing and getting stuck – even for experienced authors. This is because self-doubt creeps in for so many writers and they start wondering if they are writing a ‘good enough’ book. Read More »

Life Insurance Is Our Financial Sword

Our Financial Sword and Shield: How My Family is Protected Against the Unexpected is an unusually relevant, inspirational and practical book.

The author, Rowena Young has clearly worked hard to assemble just the right information to help people – especially women – take the initiative in protecting their families from financial stress if a family breadwinner is struck down.

Easy to read – easy to understand

In a very clear way, this book explains just how life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance are vital to the abundant wealth we all want to create in life. Even if we have relatively high incomes, if they are not insured sufficiently, we are taking great risks.

Imagine having a young, growing family. Both you and your spouse bring home salaries that make ends meet and you are able to afford the mortgage on a nice home. But then suddenly, one of you is accidentally hit by a car and left crippled and blind. What would happen then? How would your financial situation look? Read More »