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How to Convince Your Boss or Company to Let You Work From Home

Quite a few folks out there would like to sometimes work at home. And they’re probably right about that. There’s something attractive about being able to work at home. But not everyone is willing to give up their current job to do so.

If this is you, take a look at your job. It might be suited to part-time or full telecommuting. All you have to do is get your boss or company to agree to it. Read More »

Mid-Life Career Planning: Dealing With A Bad Boss

Who hasn’t been there: working for a bad boss! The truth is, many bosses are bad simply because they haven’t acquired training or skills. Therefore chances are high you will work for a bad boss if your corporate career lasts long enough. Some companies even assess your long-term ability based on how well you can handle a bad boss. Read More »

How to Move Ahead at Work With Ease

Do you know what’s expected of you? Have you asked?

How many times have you heard someone say (or even said yourself) something like this: “Sally got promoted, not me. What’s the deal? I’ve contributed so much more than she has!” or “I just don’t know what else my boss wants from me, I did everything I could think of on this last project, and still, it wasn’t enough.” or “I’m afraid I’m going to be let go, I think I’ve done what they wanted, but I just don’t know.” Read More »

Cut the Commute: Work From Home

“Five percent of [Americans] surveyed said they would actually be willing to divorce their spouse if that meant they could stop commuting and work from home instead.”¹ While the vast majority of us wouldn’t resort to something quite so drastic, more and more people are seeking ways to spend less time commuting and to incorporate more flexibility into their work schedules. However, before you request a work-from-home arrangement, there are some important things to consider. Read More »

How to deal with a new boss

how to deal with new boss
how to deal with new boss

How to deal with a new boss

It is because it is in a new job or because your previous boss leaves, have a new management always generates some discomfort. careertracing.com tells you how to deal with this change without major complications. There are several contexts in which an employee can cope with change of a head, but whatever the situation as best you can do, at the beginning, is to maintain an optimistic attitude and work as requested. According to careertracing.com, this is the best advice you can do: Read More »

how to succeed in a new company


How to succeed in a new company

There are many factors to consider to succeed in a new company . Sometimes when you start a new job overlooks many of these “rules” becoming integrated slower than it could if to consider certain aspects. When you are within a company and amounts sometimes it may seem that you know the company and do not need to do anything, but that’s not entirely true. In both cases the role we play is important and to succeed we must consider certain aspects that will help us grow faster. Read More »