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All You Need to Know About Office Romances

Office romances are neither strongly prohibited, nor encouraged. People do interact, like or dislike each other, sometimes they even fall in love and get married. This is natural of human beings. There has always been plenty of love stories between employees and bosses, colleagues and competitors. Love affairs as they are do not bring any harm, but the tricky moment is: the closer relationships people reach and the more they love each other – the more they would hurt each other if they break up or go through hard times. Imagine a person falls in love with a colleague from another department. They get married, but decide to get divorced after some time. Divorce, as it is, is a tiresome, sometimes disgusting procedure. If these two have to face each other daily or work cooperatively, most probably their professionalism will be reduced to nothing. Read More »

Helpful Hints To Get A Raise Or Promotion

Are you content with your current rate of pay? I can tell that you aren’t just because you have chosen to click on this article. Showing up to work everyday is not enough if you want to make it to the next level in your career. The following tips will put you on the right track of becoming a valuable asset to your company which should result in better compensation.

Make sure you’re always on time.

Chances are, if you’re on time you are late in the opinion of your boss. By rule of thumb you should arrive at work no later than 10 minutes prior to when your shift is scheduled to start. Not only does this allow a buffer for unexpected difficulties that may hinder your punctuality like a dead car battery or a longer than expected line at the gas pump, but it proves that you are determined to go above and beyond your expected work hours. It is an additional bonus if you are able to get to work before your boss. Read More »

Three Steps to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

There are three steps to this method and this method should be guaranteed to win back the one you love, unfortunately this is not fool proof, some wounds can simply not be healed. But you are welcome to try and these steps should aid and facilitate any healing that the relationship requires.

Step one; if you have any contact with your ex break it off now, for now at least, if you are still in contact with him he will probably begin to think of you as a backup. If anything he tries to do goes badly you will be there to catch him, he may begin to think of you as his safety net, if you break off communication he will begin to worry that he has lost you for good. This will never happen if you keep talking to him, and don’t be worried that you are giving him too much space to meet another person, this is a way to make him realise he isn’t compatible with anyone else and brings him back to you. Read More »

Lucrative Careers for Military Spouses

A lot of you may think that as a military spouse, you’re not entitled to a career, only a job, that too if you’re lucky. Military spouses are expected to be sacrificial in nature when it comes to their careers, moving from one base to another, being uprooted from their careers just when they were about to settle in, get promoted or learn new skills or job responsibilities. Being a military spouse is not just challenging, it can also be self-defeating if you are dejected about not having a steady career to hold on to. I understand how that must feel, and want to share with you some lucrative careers for military spouses in technology, medicine and so on that are slated to boom in this coming decade. Read More »

Job Search Tips During the Holiday Season

As the holiday season fast approaches, I am sure some of you job seekers are looking forward to taking a much-needed break from applying to jobs while you focus on your holiday parties, family gatherings, and holiday shopping. Before you actually take that break, you may want to reconsider. Think about what it actually means in the big picture of your job search. Did you ever stop to think about how many viable job opportunities you will miss if you put it on hold for a few weeks or months? Whenever you make a decision to go down one path, there is always the path not taken. When you consider your career and the importance of finding a job, holiday parties and holiday shopping do not appear to be that important anymore! By taking off even a few weeks, there is the potential that you will miss out on many viable job opportunities. Here are some tips to help you continue your job search this holiday season: Read More »

Does President Obama Have Job Burnout – He Certainly Wouldn't Be Alone According to Studies

Have you ever wondered why so many people have simply dropped out of the job market? You see, our unemployment rate (stated by BLS, questionable) of 7.8% is artificially low because it fails to count those who are out of work still but have run out of unemployment benefits, or those who’ve simply decided not to work, or are out of college and have yet to be employed so you can’t really call them unemployed. Now then, for those who are able bodied but don’t want to work anymore and are willing to just get by – why have they chosen that path forward? Well, because perhaps they are burned-out. Read More »