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Waiter & Waitress Jobs in Canada Hotels

Waiter & Waitress Jobs in Canada Hotels

Jobs in Canada are in plenty and the situation is improving particularly after the recession is over. Canada is considered a leading economy in the world and a developed country – a member of G8. Post-industrial revolution, Canada has come up with lots of strength in growth and development. Nearly 75% of Canadian GDP comes from the service sector. Offering extremely attractive growth prospects to people and also employment option in Canada is considered as good as good of the US and Western Europe. Read More »

Latest Canada Farm job vacancies Canada

                            Latest Canada Farm job vacancies Canada


Canada’s educational mission is to create a life-changing impact on every Canadian resident and society.

On the other hand, it is the dream of every parent to provide quality education to their children. There are many bright and smart students who want to study in foreign countries to gain a better learning experience. Why study in this country? Read More »

CIC, Making Canada Stronger Through Immigration

Many of us want to live in a peaceful place where we are far from chaos and danger. Many people are deciding to migrate and leave for the purpose of their own safety or to search for better opportunities.

I have a lot of friends who already migrated here. Some migrated because they are hoping to land a high paying job. Others wanted to have a better future by bringing their family along with them. Eventually, I also became interested and applied with the immigration right away. At first, deciding was both difficult and challenging to me. But realizing the opportunities and benefits this wonderful country has to offer, I didn’t hesitate to process my application. Besides, who doesn’t want a good life ahead? Read More »

Canadian Immigration: For Quality Living

There are thousands of places in which people can live and work all over the world, but there are also countless factors to consider in choosing a perfect place where you and your family can have quality living. It will take a lot of courage to move to a new country. Low crime and violence rate to first-rate education system are only some of the important decision-variables to seriously think about.

Q: Where is the best place to have an excellent life in the world? Read More »

Citizenship and Immigration in Canada: Thoughts to Ponder

Aside from having a democratic government, beautiful sceneries, and economic stability, Canada is a diversified country that is also home to millions of immigrants. Many ethnic and religious groups such as French, Scottish, Irish, Germans, Italians, Chinese, aborigines, Dutch, and Asians have lived and worked in the country since 1970.

Steps to Becoming a Canadian Citizen

For more than 400 years, settlers and immigrants have played a vital role in the continued success and richness of the country. Although acquiring citizenship and immigration in Canada is a tedious process, the country takes pride in providing boundless opportunities to its people. As with other countries, Canadian men and women have equal rights and responsibilities. It does not tolerate “barbaric” cultural practices, spousal abuse, honour killings, forced marriage, and other gender-biased violence. Those who are guilty of such crimes will be punished under the country’s criminal laws. Thus, rights and privileges come with responsibilities such as: Read More »

Chocolate Food Factory Jobs in Canada

Chocolate Food Factory Jobs in Canada

Canada is known for its unparalleled beauty, superior quality of life, and economic stability, which made it a land of countless opportunities. Hence, it has become one of the top immigration destinations for people seeking better employment and a more desirable living environment.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government is under huge pressure to increase its immigration levels according to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. Prior to this, however, he wants to see more immigrants working and earning at rates close with Canadian born people. Read More »

Construction-Laborer Canada Jobs in Canada


Construction-Laborer Canada Jobs in Canada



Each year, millions of people from around the world are wishful to obtain permanent residency or career in Canada not only because of its matchless beauty, but also because of its better living and business opportunities. Among the superior benefits that await each aspirant in the “Great White North” include:

· Excellent healthcare system
· First-rate education system
· Safe cities and neighborhoods
· International travel recognition (Canadian passport is one of the most valued passports for international travel)
· Well-kept environment with strict environmental controls Read More »

Oilfield Jobs Available Far and Wide From Canadian Oil Sands to Alaska's Prudhoe Bay

From the Alaskan Pipeline to Alberta Canada, jobs in the oil industry are plentiful and not limited to working on an oil rig. Throughout this industry, there is a need for land surveyors, scientists, engineers, and even upper management positions. Each person plays an intricate role bringing us the oil we need in our day-to-day living. Read More »

Conquering the Challenges of Working in Canada

Having ranked high in its quality of education, health care, social welfare, life expectancy, and income among places in the world, Canada can truly be a land of opportunity. With merely an approximate population of 34.5 million in 2011 (Statistics Canada, 2012), the country has been continuously inviting and accommodating foreign workers and professionals to address its growing labour shortage. Consequently, every year, the country welcomes over 150,000 far-off workforces to temporarily fill in jobs (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2012). Read More »

Canada Immigration Lawyers: Aiding Potential Immigrants

An attorney provides legal advice and directions for support to clients, prepares legal documentations, and advises on both commercial and legal basis. They also educate their clients on legal rights and represent them in court as needed.

On April 13, 2004, for the benefit of immigrants, new migration rules have been implemented. Applications to be submitted are only accepted if they come from lawyers, representatives, and consultants who are members of the Canadian Law Society. Only authorized applications coming from firms and representatives will be recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Read More »