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Careers in Demand – 6 Occupations With Great Employment Prospects in US

These are recessionary times and job seekers all around have had to face some challenges looking for work. Yet, just because US citizens are facing challenging economic times doesn’t mean everybody is out of work. Many occupations in industries such as healthcare, accounting, office administration and sales are expected to see some significant employment growth between 2010 and 2020. Read More »

The Easy Guide To Finding The Best Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage is a major necessity for today’s active consumer. Taking the chance of not setting enough money aside in order to pay your monthly health insurance premium is basically gambling with your financial and physical well-being. Typically, health insurance benefits and coverage vary widely among the many different health insurance providers. However, they all have one common trait or feature and that is they all pay for a pre-determined amount of incurred medical cost for the policy holder or insured individual. Read More »

Top Jobs, Top Career Fields – Hot Trends For the Next Decade

Unless you’ve been living in a nuclear fallout shelter for the past year and a half, you know that we’re all living in a brave new world. What was once up (a.k.a. the stock market) is now down, what was down (a.k.a. mortgage rates) is now up. So what does this mean for you and your future? Don’t worry. Change means, among other things, new growth and new job opportunities. There are plenty of great jobs out there, and we’ll be the ones to help you find them.

After doing some homework, we’ve put together the following criteria (concerning jobs, industries, and training) to help you decide what career will be best for you not just tomorrow, but for the next decade. Read More »

Life Insurance Is Our Financial Sword

Our Financial Sword and Shield: How My Family is Protected Against the Unexpected is an unusually relevant, inspirational and practical book.

The author, Rowena Young has clearly worked hard to assemble just the right information to help people – especially women – take the initiative in protecting their families from financial stress if a family breadwinner is struck down.

Easy to read – easy to understand

In a very clear way, this book explains just how life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance are vital to the abundant wealth we all want to create in life. Even if we have relatively high incomes, if they are not insured sufficiently, we are taking great risks.

Imagine having a young, growing family. Both you and your spouse bring home salaries that make ends meet and you are able to afford the mortgage on a nice home. But then suddenly, one of you is accidentally hit by a car and left crippled and blind. What would happen then? How would your financial situation look? Read More »

Mental Health Nursing Jobs Available

It’s been estimated that up to one in three people may suffer from some sort of mental illness at some time in their lives. Mental health nurses can help sufferers face up to their problems by assessing and treating various conditions including diseases, addictions, neuroses, psychoses and personality disorders.

Most work directly for the NHS but there are also roles available in the private health sector and some care and nursing homes. Some Registered Mental Health Nurses (RMNs) may also be seconded to environments like prisons while still technically working for the NHS. Read More »

Help Wanted: The Five Hottest Careers

Looking for your next exciting opportunity on the job market? Or do you simply want to make a mid-career change?

The most effective job search strategy starts with knowing what jobs are available, and adapting your skills to suit the marketplace.

The good news is-there are lots of great jobs out there; including occupations in some of the fastest growing U.S. industries. To get the best pay, some of these jobs involve higher education; others require no more than a high-school degree, as well as a great attitude, to get on the fast-track to success.

All of these jobs have one thing in common; they need good talent-right NOW!

Here is the list of the five hottest jobs in the U.S.: Read More »

The 5 Hottest Careers In Nursing Today

Healthcare in the United States today is evolving faster than anyone can imagine. With new medical technology and a need for more specialized nursing expertise, exciting new career opportunities are now available for nurses of all ages.

If you’re interested in a career in nursing but want to try something new and exciting in the field, checkout the 5 hottest careers in nursing today. Read More »

3 Tips to Combat Business Failure

Every businessman around the world experiences ups and downs during the entire business period that also often causes him to loose passion and get demoralized however in order to combat the real elements that cause business failure, one needs to hunt them down in a strategic and effective manner. There are many factors that influence the outcome of your business and make it go down the drain; however there are some common errors which are committed by many amateur businessmen. In fact the mature and highly experienced businessmen also sometimes neglect a few important things that slowly and gradually become the cause to their business’ failure. A successfully ongoing business can all of a sudden become neglected by potential customers if these important things are not taken care of: Read More »