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Oman Air is looking for staff

Oman Air is looking for staff
Oman Air, the leader organization of the Sultanate of Oman’s Civil Aviation sector, Started off as a local player, has seen quick development since the time it was created. Oman Air has played a vital role in making Muscat a noteworthy activity center¬† in the Middle East giving a support to business, industrial and tourism activities.OMAN-AIR Read More »



ADNOC Distribution was created in 1973 as the first UAE Government-claimed organization had practical experience in the marketing and distribution of petroleum items inside the United Arab Emirates. Today, it is one of the biggest petroleum organizations in the Arab Gulf Region. Read More »

List of careers in technology with high salaries


List of careers in technology with high salaries
Careers in technology are known to pay higher wages to skilled workers. While getting rich with work in this area is not guaranteed, some positions work pay well and have good growth prospects. With the degree and relevant experience, you could be earning more than $ 75,000 a year in a high-tech career. Read More »

list of Highest Paying Companies – highest salaries

Highest Paying Companies
Highest Paying Companies

list of Highest Paying Companies Рhighest salaries  (Salaried Employees)
(According to firstaidforhealth.com)

  • Bingham McCutchen, Associates, average pay $211,017
  • Arnold & Porter, Associates, average pay $194,575
  • Alston & Bird, Associate Attorneys, average pay $190,135
  • Shared Technologies, Sales reps, $187,137
  • Nixon Peabody, Associate Attorneys, $178,016
  • Devon Energy, Engineer, $173,057
  • Perkins Coie, Associates, $162,860
  • EOG Resources, Engineers, $146,739
  • Adobe Systems, Computer Scientists, $137,691
  • Goldman Sachs, Other Exempt (Analysts, Program Analysts, Associates, and Professional Non- Exempt), $137,000
  • Boston Consulting Group, Consultants, $136,706
  • Cisco Systems, Software Engineers IV, $132,004
  • Network Appliance, MTS Software 4, $129,689
  • Kimley-Horn & Associates, Project Managers, $127,167
  • eBay, Software Engineers 4, $125,889
  • Robert W. Baird, Financial Analysts, $123,800
  • Texas Instruments, Electrical Design Engineers, $116,636
  • MITRE, Lead Information Systems Engineers, $116,291
  • Yahoo, Technical Yahoo, $116,250
  • S.C. Johnson & Son, Senior Research Scientist, $110,587
  • Ohio Health, Pharmacists, $108,143
  • Chesapeake Energy, Toolpushers, $108,031
  • Publix Super Markets, Store Managers, $107,280
  • SAS Institute, Software Developers, $104,566
  • Johnson Financial Group, Commercial Relationship Managers III, $104,561

List of highest paid jobs online – jobs available


List of highest paid jobs online – jobs available
If you’re looking virtual job, there are excellent opportunities to make a great living from the comfort of your home office with a job online. The online jobs are abundant in many major industries, including business, marketing, finance, accounting, technology, health and sectors including nonprofit. The jobs online can be flexible, part time or full time depending on the needs of each organization. There are many rewarding and lucrative careers to choose from online, thanks to advances in virtual work and more companies allowing some level of teleworking. Read More »