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Important! Here are seven signs that your job is friendly


Important! Here are seven signs that your job is friendly

careertracing released the seven signs that are in your friendly work. Find out what they are!

The friendly atmosphere is not that where we spent falsely smiling at each other, but that in which we can give the best of ourselves in complete harmony. Read More »

Six tips to make a good impression in a jobs interview

Six tips to make a good impression in a jobs interview
if you are someone who does not know how to dress, you sweaty hands, you get nervous or you agobios when thinking in unexpected situations or awkward silences in a job interview, it is best to relax and have clear some tips to make a good printing. Read More »

How to take advantage of the “corporate rebels” within companies

How to take advantage of the “corporate rebels” within companies
If the key is relaxed, then you have to listen, especially if the criticism comes from within.

  • “Corporate rebels” are personal to get out of the mold and are not generally comfortable with the traditional way in which a company takes. They are highly creative and trendy people whose distress is often misunderstood, especially in rigid environments, such as administrative offices and lawyers.

Read More »

Which MBA Specialization to Opt for?

The demand for a management degree has increased. It is considered as a general degree and often referred as a “helicopter view” as it helps to understand the business as a whole. Nowadays companies prefer employees who have an MBA degree. They should have in-depth knowledge, skill and expertise in their domain areas.

Whenever students choose a specialization, they should consider their interests, goals and professional development. Some of the specializations offered are: Read More »

What Do I Do With My Hands While Presenting?

For many thousands of years, human beings have looked at the hands of people approaching them to see if they are holding any kind of weapon or instrument that could possibly cause injury or death. It is instilled in our genes to perform this subconscious act of self protection whenever we meet someone. Read More »

How To Choose The Right Communication Method, And Why It's Important

There are many different ways you can communicate with others, which inclding,


  • Phone calls (mobile or desk phone)
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Instant messaging (e.g. Microsoft Lync/Communicator)
  • Video call
  • In person


There are good ways and bad ways to use each of these different communication methods, and it takes a bit of knowledge and experience to get to know which one to use – but I’ll try to help here. Read More »

Communication Can Enhance Your Career

Every line of work can benefit from a workforce that knows how to communicate clearly and effectively. A free and comprehensible flow of information among colleagues, across departments, and between customers and companies leads to optimal productivity and profitability. Conversely poor communication diminishes competitiveness and quality of service.

Normally we think that mastering a specific skill set is the surest way to advance one’s career. Obviously the better you can advise clients on financial plans the better a financial planner you can be and the greater your command of building cabinets the more proficient a cabinet maker you will be. But a competence that is of equal importance in boosting your career across all industries is the mastering of communication. Read More »