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Data Entry Jobs Are an Easy Way to Make Money

Many jobs are being created online for low level entry positions such as data entry, web research, translation etc.

The most popular amongst these part time jobs are perhaps data entry and data processing jobs. There are many reasons why data entry jobs are so popular. These jobs can be done by anyone and they require very little subject knowledge. For example, anyone who knows basic computing can do a data entry job. A lot of these opportunities are related to medicine, customer records or accounting. The job could be as simple as transferring data from one excel sheet to another, or finding data from the web and reporting it in an excel sheet. Sometimes, the client may provide you with all the data and require you to login to a particular site and populate the data. Read More »

What Kinds of Pre-Employment Assessment Programs Can Companies Use?

It has always been important for companies to have strong recruitment practices and employ the right kind of individuals for the job. Companies and human resource managers need to ensure that the prospective candidates that they are about to hire have a prober person-job fit and a prober person-organization fit. This means, that the prospective candidates should be qualified enough to perform the task that they are being hired for, and their values should match the values of the organization they are about to be hired in. often, managers find themselves employing people who do not agree with the values that are present in an organization, which leads to a lot of conflicts in the work place. Read More »

E-Learning Development and Its Benefits

The advancement in science and technology has made significant changes in many organizational activities, which range from their method of operation to the way they train their employees. Training of employees is required to make them understand with the new business strategies and to keep them at par with the changes made in the market. With the advent of Internet, the way an organization works, completely transformed and so did the training process. The training module became digitized, which made the learning process simpler and enjoyable. E-learning is not affected by geographical barriers, therefore, those employees located in-house and those located at some remote location can all be trained at the same time. Thus, e -learning for companies has helped them in a great way. Read More »

Connecting With IT Companies Through LinkedIn

Just as social networks have made a huge difference to that way that millions of us stay in touch with family and friends, so business networks have altered the way people in a huge variety of sectors find new business, maintain contact with clients and sector partners, and get in touch with prospective employees.

“Small business professionals leverage LinkedIn in a myriad of creative ways,” according to LinkedIn’s connection director, Nicole Williams. The business networking site recently claimed that in total it now has in excess of 175 million members worldwide. Read More »

10 Keys for Job Seeking During the Fall Season

1. Develop a Plan: With so much going on, it doesn’t pay to get into this without thinking things through first. Not having a job search strategy mapped out clearly in advance could lead to a disaster, such as your current employer learning too soon that you’re looking for a new job.

2. Investigate the Job Search Process: There are plenty of articles online (and career coaching is available as well) if you want to go beyond the simple hunt and peck style of submitting resumes and cover letters to online job boards and company websites. Better strategies exist so learn more about the hiring process to see how you can improve your chances by skipping ahead in line. Read More »