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Tips for writing your CV

Prior to take into account issues

  1. Are you able to explain why you are always better than other similar candidates?
  2. How can your skills benefit the hiring company?
  3. In the current situation, what type of industry or profession would benefit from your professional potential?
  4. What are your work demands (wages, hours, location, etc.) and how they are affecting the job search process?
  5. What companies you want to work and why?

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how to Get a Good Job

get job
get job

how to Get a Good Job ?

Job search

  • Similar to the process of placing a product in the market, but in this case is: You.
  • A positive mental attitude is needed: filled with energy, creativity and courage.

Starting the process
Know the position description

  • Contains the requirements for the position.
  • Describe the tasks and responsibilities.
  • Reports on the conditions under which the work is performed.

How to find the job you want
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