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The SIFU Group has 700 jobs to fill in 2015

The SIFU Group has 700 jobs to fill in 2015
The SIFU Group has 700 jobs to fill in 2015

The SIFU Group has 700 jobs to fill in 2015

The SIFU Group

with over 20 years providing services that a company can outsource to focus on your main activity will increase its workforce this year with 700 vacancies, relying mostly by the integration of people with disabilities . Read More »

5 Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups

5 Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups
In a start-up , as in any company or business street, marketing plays a key role . Without him it would be difficult to get potential customers a product or service, with all that that entails. So the marketing strategy is very important from the beginning, even before the final commissioning of the business idea. Read More »

7 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

There are numerous ways in which to promote your business and today my challenge was to see how many I could come up with that were either zero or low cost. After a brief brainstorming session, I was surprised to see how many I’d managed to come up with and they are probably just the tip of the iceberg. They are all tried and tested methods, all of which can work though the results may also depend on the business you are in. Here are my top 7: Read More »

How to Start a Housekeeping Business?

Like any business, starting a housekeeping business is easy but difficult to maintain your reputation and the quality of operations. So, let us try to list out a few factors that determine the level of success that you attain in the housekeeping domain.

Firstly, you need to be pretty sure about the type of business you intend to deal with. There are many options like residential, business spaces or maid assistance.

A detailed research and guidance from people already in such a business will give you a clear idea about the income that you can hope to get, the problem areas and the scope for future development. Read More »

Loyalty Program Benefits for Small Businesses

Most small businesses are primarily concerned with attracting customers. However, once you get those customers to buy once, how do you bring them back to buy more? In some ways, it is easier to get old customers to come back than it is to attract new ones. Your former customers have already shown that they like your business and the product or service you sell because they have opened their wallets and paid for it. However, getting their return business is far from automatic. One of the best ways to encourage repeat business is with a loyalty program. Read More »

Make Money With Facebook Is Not Easy But Possible

This article will be dealing with the ways how people can earn money online with Facebook. I share with you what I know about earning online.

As you read in the title it is not easy to earn money online on Facebook but it is possible.

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, you should never forget that.

Nobody is on Facebook to buy but many are there to sell.

You can use Facebook to earn money and market your own goods and services. Read More »

Is Something Missing From Your Mission Statement?

There should be an app for mission statements. Just pick from a list of words you want used and the app would spit out word combinations. Tell it, “give me a ‘superior,’ throw in a ‘leading’, and top it off with something about “being committed” and out comes: We are committed to remaining the leading maker of superior blah blah etc. blah. Read More »

3 Keys to Marketing Success As a Consultant

Marketing is an on-going event. Businesses that are successful never cease to create awareness in the minds of their present customers and potential future customers.

As a consultant, potential clients will never hear about you or your services if you don’t apply marketing consistently throughout your consulting practice.

Here are 3 Keys to Marketing Success As a Consultant: Read More »

7 Uncommon Success Strategies for Your Small Business to Consistently Grow

7 Success Strategies for Your Small Business

In these difficult economic times, it’s understandable if a small business owner may want to focus primarily on survival. But the most likely success strategies that can help your small business isn’t just concerned about keeping your head above water; they’re all about helping you reach bigger goals.

Here are the 7 small business tips that can transform your modest company into a blockbuster success: Read More »

The Idea is The Next Big Thing

Developing a product or service that will actually sell, is often tougher than you think, though very possible as the daily legions of new and successful entrepreneurs will attest.

Having a good sense of what you are capable of, and what you enjoy at this point will also definitely be helpful, since this would provide you with a base line for a direction. Notably this should be a reference source for decision making, and not necessarily the be all, and end all, of what you finally end up doing.

So to get this process started I would suggest that you make a list of all your ideas. In fact I am betting that at this point you already have some ideas and are itching to get started. Read More »