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Want a job – First avoid these mistakes in your CV


Want a job –  First avoid these mistakes in your CV
When you seek employment one of your tools to achieve this is your curriculum vitae (CV), but could also become your own worst enemy if you do not show in an appropriate way, since you can incur several errors in his presentation. Here we describe the most common mistakes you should avoid. Read More »

Tips for writing your CV

Prior to take into account issues

  1. Are you able to explain why you are always better than other similar candidates?
  2. How can your skills benefit the hiring company?
  3. In the current situation, what type of industry or profession would benefit from your professional potential?
  4. What are your work demands (wages, hours, location, etc.) and how they are affecting the job search process?
  5. What companies you want to work and why?

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Writing a Quality CV For Job


Opinions vary when it comes to what constitutes a quality CV. Depending on who you listen to you will probably receive a variety of responses (some of which are likely to contradict each other – for example some people will tell you that it needs to be one page, whereas others will tell you that it should be three pages. Similarly, some advisers will advocate including an objectives section, whereas others will scoff at the mere suggestion.)

Opinions on the subject therefore vary widely.

The response of this article should hopefully be less contradictory, albeit somewhat more enigmatic. Read More »

Easy To Implement Tips To Help You To Stand Out From Other Candidates In Your Job Search

When people start to look for a new career post, many view it as a fairly simple exercise. The common perception is that if you simply contact recruitment agencies, send in your old CV or career resume, and contact a few friends to let them know you are looking, that will suffice. In today’s job market that is a recipe for failure. Read More »

What you should put on your resume

how to make resume
how to make resume

What you should put on your resume

The CV is a form of selling: if errors are made, the company usually discard automatically the applicant. Therefore it is important to learn to avoid the most common ‘mistakes’. Everything is subjective, but there are some references in the curricula ‘squeak’ businesses and may alienate the candidate of the position to which they aspire.

These are the most significant:
Personal details. There should indicate religion, marital status or political sympathies. Only exceptionally, when it is important for job performance should be mentioned links with organizations of various kinds. Read More »

How to detect lies in the curriculum vitae – resume

lies in the curriculum vitae
lies in the curriculum vitae

How to detect lies in the curriculum vitae – resume

One lie is enough to question all truths. One of the drawbacks of hiring a person, is whether this is telling the truth about your work history. How do I find out? Usually, the lies of those who apply tend to be common. Below are the most used: Read More »

4 Common Mistakes Make With Their CV and Resume

Your CV or Resume Looks Like All the Others

Have a quick glance at any company offering you advice on how to write a CV or Resume and would you agree they all have the same appearance?

It does not take a mind reader to know that the top half of your CV will contain your address details, your personal details, your profile, your objective and perhaps the start of your work history.
This is because all CV’s and Resumes are almost identical. Read More »