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How Can I Write My Book Faster?' – A Quick and Easy Guide For Writers

Words I often hear from clients are these: “I’m slow at writing and frequently get stuck. I wish I had a magic want to enable me to concentrate on writing and improving and work faster!” This is an incredibly common problem – slow writing and getting stuck – even for …

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The Easiest Way to Make $100 a Day in a Spiritual Niche (100% From Home)

Imagine what your life would look like if you could truly build a business around a lifestyle that you loved… WITHOUT gimmicks, gadgets and gurus. Imagine how much more complete and fulfilled and enlivened your life would be if you weren’t chasing goals and dreams that felt perpetually pushed further …

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How To Stay Romantic When You Are Living Together

During the challenges everyone is facing through these hard financial times it can be very easy for couples to let the health of their relationships diminish without realizing it. The stress of making ends meet, unemployment and everyday life can quash a romantic atmosphere. We sometimes forget to show our …

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10 Things To Do In The Morning To Start A Successful Day

There are many people out there are motivated, driven, and successful. Have you ever wondered why, how, and what these people do to maintain and balance their schedules and lives to ensure a productive and efficient day? Everyone is different in their own ways in that everyone does different things …

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2013 New Year's Things To Do List – Spring Clean Your Brain Early This Year

Each year, New Year’s comes around and people make resolutions and lists of things they like to accomplish in the upcoming year. It’s a time to reflect about where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and where you plan on going. Now then, something else many people do is to …

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Career Advice – Negative Thinking Is A Good Thing

Winners are positive thinkers. But without exception they also know that the powerful force of positive thinking must be leavened with a proper dose of negative thinking for Class A performance. Planning The Company Picnic Consider this scenario to illustrate the point: Your boss asks you to plan the company …

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