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How to Excel in a Second job Interview

how to Excel job interview
how to Excel job interview

How to Excel in a Second job Interview

If they call for a second interview, things are on the right track, as he has excelled and is now part of a select group that is sucking the same position as you, is one of two pre-selected people or been the successful candidate but the employer requires a second interview to confirm the decision. Read More »

Celebrities Who Were Terrible Employees Before They Were Famous

While the image we see of most celebrities is that of hard working and focused individuals, there are actually many celebrities who were terrible employees in the real world before they became famous. From making disastrous mistakes to throwing tantrums with customers, it would seem that those who achieve superstardom haven’t always been so good at what they do. Read More »

Salary Packaging and Tax Saving

Salary packaging, also known as a salary sacrifice arrangement, is a way to restructure your employment income so as to buy goods and services or pay personal expenses and costs from your BEFORE TAX income rather than your AFTER TAX income.

Such an effective and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approved arrangement gives more buying power to you as you are spending the tax dollars that would otherwise be withheld from your pay and paid to the ATO for the government to spend. Read More »

Why Salary Slip Is Essential for an Employee

Salary slip is an important document in the hands of an employee. It is authentication of the amount he would get from the company at the end of the month. Preparing a pay structure is not difficult as the Accounts departments feeds every single detail about the employee, his perks and allowances in the computer. Read More »

4 Reasons for Choosing the Government Sector Job Over the Private Sector Job

Every person wants to live decently and comfortably in the world. For that, everybody needs money. One has to do some work to make money. So every able person tries to do some job, business etc. We have jobs in the Government sector, private sector etc. Compared to the private sector, jobs in the Government sector are in more demand. We all know the importance of the Government job. A Government job gives us the kind of secure feeling about our future. That’s why everybody is going after the Government jobs. Moreover the Government jobs have many advantages over private sector jobs. Read More »

5 Advantages of Using a Payroll Service

Processing payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task for any small business. The different payroll functions include determining the employee wages, withholding taxes, updating sick and vacation pay and deducting different staff-contributed payments for the benefits.

Mistakes in preparing the payroll can have a negative effect on the business and it is important to make sure that the job is performed accurately. Many businesses choose to outsource this service for a number of good reasons.

– It is cost effective Read More »