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GE is looking for Staff – Needs Employees


GE is looking for Staff – Needs Employees

GE provides excellent opportunities for individuals looking for jobs across many disciplines in the company’s branches in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates .GE is dedicated to attract and hire the all qualifications and disciplines of employees. GE emphasizes diversity, recruiting from all around the world to achieve excellence. (USA, Pakistanis, Saudis, Indians, Americans , and Many other countries ). GE offers wide range of job opportunities apply now. Read More »

McKesson Needs Employees – Staff Needed


McKesson Needs Employees – Staff Needed
McKesson is innovator of supply, health and IT solutions. Welcome to Mckesson and join our team to help millions of people worldwide. Each and every McKesson worker adds to our central goal whatever your title, whatever your part, you go about as an impetus in a chain of occasions that helps a huge number of individuals everywhere throughout the globe. By uniting and enhancing the matter of human services, we’re serving to guarantee that a large number of patients get the treatment they require. What’s more, by picking a profession with McKesson, you’re a piece of a group of energetic individuals cooperating to enhance lives and modern healthcare. McKesson is offering variety of job opportunities. Read More »

Getting Your Resume Noticed With Social Media

Social media has many advantages. Although it’s great reconnecting with old friends and finding your true love, social media has expanded much farther than this. Job seekers are very fortunate in today’s society that they can now use social media to search for jobs and post their resumes. Hiring managers have noticed and in turn, they are reviewing job boards and networking sites searching for their ideal candidates.

Not only does social media give the job seeker the chance to expedite and advance their job search, but in most cases it’s absolutely free. What a great way to get your resume noticed while utilizing a free media source! Read More »

Why Does Nobody Call Me Back For A Job Interview Request?

Do you currently find yourself in a position of applying for multiple jobs every single day yet never seem to get a call back or interview request? Why does this happen? If you have the right skills and experience surely you should have hiring managers calling you to arrange an interview. Read More »

Companies Hiring Veteran Employees, Veteran Skills, Training and More

Looking for a new job could certainly be draining, time-consuming and frustrating. No one is excused from this situation; even veterans have a hard time looking for companies that are hiring vets. There are a number of companies hiring veteran employees today though sometimes they are hard to find. That is why the government is offering their services to help veterans find companies that are hiring vets. Luckily, some companies are considerate enough to hiring vets first before announcing the position for the general public. Read More »

Top Three Mistakes That Could Keep You Unemployed

As an experienced career coach and resume writer, I would rate the following four factors as being critical in determining the success of any job search campaign: Demand-supply dynamics, a candidate’s background, quality of resume, and job search strategies.

With this introduction, I rate the following job search mistakes as being unequivocally disastrous: Read More »

How to Get Back on the Job After Not Working for a Long Period

Getting back to work after being off for a while can be a challenge. Perhaps your previous employer downsized. You may have lost your job when the company closed. No matter if it was a layoff, illness, or even because you got fired, getting back to work is often a challenge. You may find that the entire process is difficult because you need to convince an employer that that you are worth hiring. When you have been off for a long period of time, you need to take additional steps to show you are worth hiring. Read More »

What Employers Are Looking for in Remote Employees

Remote employees are professionals who work from home providing services to one company. This is not a work from home position that you should take lightly though. Many employers are realizing the benefits of providing employees with flexible work schedules. They are allowing employees to log time at home around the employee’s schedule. Employees like this because it provides them with an opportunity to be at home for kids and family needs. If you want to work as a remote employee, you’ll need to show the hiring manager you have what it takes to do this job well. Read More »

Resume Writing for Business Students

Are you a current or a recently graduated Business or Commerce student? If so, you are no doubt aware of the competition and demand for jobs.

It is an undisputed fact that if a hiring manager has two resumes sitting on the table, they are instinctively going to be drawn to the resume that is professionally presented and easy to read. No matter what the resume has to say, the first impression is already made. If both candidates share similar finance skills, education and experience, just take a guess at which resume the hiring manager is going to choose. Read More »