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Writing a Quality CV For Job


Opinions vary when it comes to what constitutes a quality CV. Depending on who you listen to you will probably receive a variety of responses (some of which are likely to contradict each other – for example some people will tell you that it needs to be one page, whereas others will tell you that it should be three pages. Similarly, some advisers will advocate including an objectives section, whereas others will scoff at the mere suggestion.)

Opinions on the subject therefore vary widely.

The response of this article should hopefully be less contradictory, albeit somewhat more enigmatic. Read More »

New Year, New Career 2013

The New Year is almost here! This is a great time to step back and reflect on your career goals. For many people, little thought was put into their career choice. Some may think that work isn’t supposed to be enjoyable, and yet others may have outgrown their career. With so much of your time devoted to work, why not find a career that brings you passion? The first step in finding work that works for you is a thorough self-assessment. This assessment includes looking at your personality, interests, skills, values, financial needs, and lifestyle. Read More »

USA Cleaning Jobs in America-Apply Now

USA Cleaning Jobs in America-Apply Now

The federal government is the largest employer in the United States. More than 2,700,000 employees work for the federal government in civil service positions. Every year, the government hires thousands of new employees. Working for the federal government can help you get job stability and excellent fringe benefits. As there are numerous benefits in federal government jobs, the competition is extremely severe. Here are some strategies that can help you get a federal job. Read More »

Characteristics of the Most Charismatic People

There is one cardinal rule that extraordinary speakers follow when they’re addressing others. They have learnt that the message is more important than they are. The moment you make the message about ‘you’ as the speaker is the moment you lose the connection with your listener. Exceptional speakers understand that what they have to share is important and beneficial to their audience, so they’re prepared to step out of their own way. They have learnt ways to manage the small mini-me inside that says ‘but this is really nerve-wracking and what if I stuff it up and what if I make a fool-out-of-myself.’Inside everyone of us is a small child. This tiny being just wants to be safe and warm and out of harm’s way. Read More »

How To Pass Your Accountancy Exams

Accountancy Exams are tough, and average students mostly don’t pass in first attempt. Since, its difficult than any other test, you must have to follow some tips to be successful. These steps can take you to your desired point when it comes to pass ACCA exam-

1. Plan
2. Study
3. Practice
4. Prepare
5. Perform

With this process, you’ll be able to know how to move ahead steadily and achieve your goals. Read More »

Relationship Secrets: How To Be Understanding

Good understanding lays the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. Most of us dream of a life partner, who understands and cares: women especially, long for “understanding” in a relationship more than men. It is common for one to have numerous expectations from a relationship but it is equally important to match up to your partner’s expectations as well! How many of us, sincerely care about living up to our partner’s expectations? Most of us would love to be accepted the way we are. Yet there is no harm in putting some efforts, to accept and be accepted. To achieve that comfort level and strike a good rapport, it is important for us to move out of our comfort zone and show how much we care for our love. So how does one attempt to be “UNDERSTANDING”? Read More »

How to Negotiate a Better Salary

Salary negotiation is an important part of business. Whether it is at the start of the position, during pre-contract signing or when you have been in a role for a while, salary negotiation is an important skill.

However, broaching the topic is a difficult one and is rarely on the top of a to do list. There are many reasons why individuals put off having this important conversation – they don’t want to put their position into jeopardy, or perhaps think that it will affect their offer – but if you feel that you should be paid more for your skills, it is important to voice your reasons.

With this in mind, we have compiled a guide to getting what you want and a guide for getting nowhere. Read More »

Five Steps to Accelerate Your Career

Many people have heard the popular phrase “climbing the corporate ladder” in reference to the development of a person’s career. This conjures up mental images of pushing people out of the way to claw your way up to the top. This hyper-competitive view of the world has created a dour image of professional success in the minds of many people.

It is most certainly true that there is an element of “dog eat dog” competition when it comes to careers, but it is also true that there are many people who build highly productive, highly constructive professional careers. Ultimately, this is the goal that we strive for… to achieve professional success in a constructive manner that is compatible with a highly rewarding personal life.

Bearing this in mind, there are five key steps that we advocate following to accelerate your career. These steps are: 1) Think Like an Entrepreneur, 2) Don’t think of Work as a Four Letter Word, 3) Seek to Influence Important Decisions, 4) Leverage your Abilities by Leading Others, and 5) Measure Your Achievement Holistically. Read More »