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8 Ways On How To Relieve Stress For Greater Productivity

Learning how to relieve stress can remove several obstacles to your performance whatever you’re working with. Stress can be a “big monster” to anyone and would like to avoid it as much as possible. However this is a part of life and living your purpose. Without it your personal development …

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Cheating Husband – How to Get Revenge on Your Husband and His Mistress

You’ve just been dealt a devastating blow. You have found out that your husband has been having affair. Setting aside the hurt and humiliation you are feeling, you are angry. You want revenge. Understandably so. You find yourself plotting cruel ways to make them pay for their actions. Never before …

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Find a Job Online – Beware of the Online Job Search Feedback Loop

Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to find a job online you tend to come across the same job list in a bunch of different places? This is due to something that I have started referring to as the online job feedback loop. It is especially apparent …

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Types Of Jobs – Right Approach For The Right Career

Three main types of jobs are Permanent Jobs, Temporary Jobs and Contract Jobs. Most of people go through more than one type of job during their lifetime. One is always in pursuit of a dream job. People have different definitions of a dream job. Basically whatever the job, one should …

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