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Easy To Implement Tips To Help You To Stand Out From Other Candidates In Your Job Search

When people start to look for a new career post, many view it as a fairly simple exercise. The common perception is that if you simply contact recruitment agencies, send in your old CV or career resume, and contact a few friends to let them know you are looking, that will suffice. In today’s job market that is a recipe for failure. Read More »

IRELAND Latest Jobs in Ireland

IRELAND Latest Jobs in Ireland

The world of work is filled with obstacles that become even more apparent when you are searching for a job. Although the British economy may be faltering, or experiencing a downturn, there are always reports, that some sectors of the economy may be showing signs of growth, while others, may in fact, be losing jobs.  Read More »

7 Top Secret Weapons of Business Success

Many people think there is some secret sauce to success in business. I think what people are really looking for are the shortcuts to success. The short answer is that there are no shortcuts. But for there are some things you can do in your business that will increase your odds of success.

In my opinion, there are 7 things that you can use as your secret weapons to success. These 7 secret weapons are common areas you can focus on that will dramatically increase your business and wipe-out the competition. While these 7 secret weapons are simple on the surface, they all take time, patience, and working with a team to carry out. Read More »

Why Steve Ballmer's Vision Is Right for Microsoft

Moves by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to prepare for the coming head-to-head battle with Apple and Google have provoked a rash of media comment and industry analysis. Most of these have been very critical, of both Microsoft and of Ballmer personally.

Yet few of them show any signs of real strategic analysis of Microsoft’s position, or even of having gasped the nature of the coming battle. Some analysts have even preferred to ‘wait and see’, though they are paid to make market predictions.

Commentators such as Computer Weekly have reduced Microsoft’s problems to relatively trivial product issues. Others, like the Financial Times and Telegraph have emphasised what they see as Microsoft’s failure to adapt to changing market circumstances, such as the recent sharp drop in PC sales. What none of them has done is to evaluate how Microsoft’s current global dominance plays into the future evolution of smartphones, and how this will affect the desktop. Read More »

Protecting Against Uncertainty

This morning I took my son to a local diner for breakfast. During the meal, I couldn’t help but overhear the couple in the next booth, discussing how to protect a lump sum of money as they busily entertained their three-year-old. The topic at hand was a five-year CD option and I found the husband’s remark interesting. “Five years from now,” he said, “who knows what will happen in the market. By then, it could be a whole different world.” The more I thought about that statement, the more I think he hit the nail on the head. Read More »

Hidden Job Market – Unlock the Keys

The hidden job market is a substantial source of good jobs that many job hunters overlook.

We hear all the time about the many job sites on the Internet and the multitude of job openings. We look in the local and national newspapers and see more job openings. But do you know that up to 75% of job vacancies are never shown in the media. If you want to find the right job with the right employer an important consideration is using the good old fashioned detective work to uncover the unpublished job vacancies. Read More »

Get Hired Faster By Changing Your Job Search Strategy

According to most experts, the average job search takes about five months to complete. Five months is a long time to spend job searching, especially if you are currently out of work! Why does the average job search take this long? One of the primary reasons is because most job seekers are using the exact same job search strategies. Most of them are using what could be called the “wait and hope” strategy. Read More »

Four Rules To Follow When Starting Your Own Business

Perhaps the hardest and most critical part of starting a small business is figuring out which product or service to sell. Choices are unlimited but possibilities for success aren’t. Small businesses often start and shut down within a couple of years, which indicates how challenging the economy is these days. Assuming you have a small budget, the following four guidelines promise to help: Read More »