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The Future of Jobs

Like it or not, the odds are that you will be self-employed in the very near future. Professor Charles Handy saw this coming in his book “The Age of Unreason” published in 1990, when he predicted that early into the new millennium there would be more contingent workers than those working for organizations. A survey last year, by Kelly Services, found that 44% of workers consider themselves to be free agents. This doesn’t even count the 19 million sole proprietors who run their own small businesses (who were not included in this survey). Read More »

Earn Money Via Mystery Shopping on a Regular Basis

The service named Mystery Shopping is where “mystery” shoppers go to various companies, disguised as normal shoppers and give in-depth assessments of what they experience. This can be done via written explanations or surveys.

This service of mystery shopping is used by many industries like hotels, retailers, producers, super stores, gas stations etc. Read More »

What's So Great About Becoming an Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents are people who sell insurance policies. They are also the ones responsible for providing real estate planning services. In some states, insurance agents are required to obtain a license. Aside from that, many agents complete an associate or bachelors degree in economics, finance or business. There are a few things that individuals need to take into consideration prior to choosing a career in the insurance industry. Read More »

2013 New Year's Things To Do List – Spring Clean Your Brain Early This Year

Each year, New Year’s comes around and people make resolutions and lists of things they like to accomplish in the upcoming year. It’s a time to reflect about where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and where you plan on going. Now then, something else many people do is to celebrate the New Year’s, often consuming large amounts of alcohol, but all that really does is means that you start the New Year with a hangover. If you want to accomplish your goals, there’s no time for that. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have a good time with family and friends, of course you should. Read More »

How Do I Become a Professional Pilot – Where Do I Start?

Think of becoming a professional pilot as building a portfolio of your skills. You can attain these different skills in a variety of ways and some skills may be required by certain employers, while other skills may not be necessary (and may even be unwanted) by others. However, there are fundamental skills that you will need across the board (for any employer).

The basic skills you will need for a career as a pilot with any employer are:

Basic Skill #1: Learning to Fly

To be a pilot, you obviously need to learn to fly. Here are the first few steps you need to take: Read More »

10 Tips for Young People Looking for Work

In the current climate, how do young people go about finding employment?

Two of the biggest issues I have come across are that many young people expect to be given whatever they want and they demand instant success. In reality neither of these outcomes are likely but the media continues to push an instant everything, buy now pay later culture which many young people have been brought up to believe is reality.

Employers know that young people can provide them with the raw materials they need to grow their businesses but don’t like cockiness, over-confidence and “the world owes me” attitudes which makes them reluctant to spend the time, effort and money in training and development. Read More »

How To Choose A Home Based Business That Will Make You Happy and Rich

Is it possible to be be happy and rich? Just because someone has money does not mean they are happy, and I have seen plenty of poor, happy people in my travels.

If you are looking for an alternative to your current situation,and thinking about starting a home based business, it’s important to keep the end goal in mind right from the start. If you choose a business solely based on how much money you can make, you may end up with the long term fulfillment you are seeking.

Here are two very important factors to consider when looking for a home based business that will make you happy and rich. Read More »

5 Necessary People Skills You Must Know

People skills, also called the “soft skills” are something you cannot manage to live without. This applies to your personal as well as professional life. Its main reason is that the quality of your relationships is dependent of how effectively you communicate with others. In order to communicate with others in the best manner, you should learn how to do it.

Have a look at the following five people skills that can help you build strong relationships with your friends as well as peers:

1. Understand People
It is true that everyone is born with a unique personality. So, everyone responds differently to different situations. It is possible that some people might perceive something in a different way as you do. However, this does not mean that they are from an entirely different background. All you need to do is to understand them. Once you understand the differences, you can communicate with them in their style easily. Read More »

How to Deal With a Difficult Boss Without Losing Your Job

Few things are more discouraging than spending over 40 hours a week taking instruction from a difficult boss. While each person’s definition of what a difficult boss is will vary, employees tend to complain the most about two management issues that fall on opposite sides of the spectrum- either the difficult boss has a controlling personality or she is unable to clearly communicate her expectations. Read More »