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How to Make Professional Presentations

It has always been frustrating when a teacher announces a project that needs to be done within a week. Moreover, it isn’t as simple as writing a 500 word essay about the previous summer but a public presentation in front of the entire class. For students who are not so comfortable when it comes to public relations, projects and presentations like these mark the highest worries of the week. Is it possible to prepare a professional-like presentation? The answer is an absolute yes. Preparing a professional presentation is more than possible for anyone. Preparation and repetition of practices are highly recommended as they will aid in confidence and will make sure an individual is ready to begin the presentation on the d-day. Read More »

Career Advice – Never Let Your Boss Be Surprised By Bad News

There is only one thing worse than delivering bad news to your boss. That is not raising the red flag when you know trouble is brewing, because it is a cardinal sin to let your boss be surprised.

No organization escapes the negatives forever. Budgets are not met. Deliveries are late. Machines don’t work. People are caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

It is important to your career success to learn how to deliver ill tidings, as well as how to receive them.

There are at least four major things wrong with failing to blow the whistle when stuff hits the fan. Read More »

My Child Worries All The Time – How Can I Help?

If your child never seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel and is always anxious, there are ways you can help him or her learn to cope. He doesn’t always have to worry and you can show him why. However, if what you tell him doesn’t MAKE SENSE to him, then he won’t be too willing to believe “everything will be fine”. Here are some things to think about when dealing with a worried child. Read More »