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How to impress on the first day of work

How to impress on the first day of work
There are many people who spend many years of his life studying, forming, preparing to find a good job. Surely you are or have been one of them and have invested a lot of time looking for work, you’ve sent many resumes, you’ve done a lot of job interviews, you’ve definitely seen that finding a job is not easy. Read More »

How the Rich Make Money

The Poor

These are people of very little financial literacy who suffer from living paycheck to paycheck. Poor people make it a priority to pay their bills first using sometimes more than sixty percent of their paycheck. The extra income that is left is usually spent on things of no value such as, new clothes, electronics, decorations, flashy items, and etc. These items do nothing for the income but they add to the list of things owned by the person of this category. These items are purchased through a desire of wanting nice things because poor people admire middle class people. The cycle of the poor flows from a paycheck, to bills and purchases, and back to a paycheck. This cycle is usually called the rat race because it is a cycle that goes on and on but never gains anything. Read More »

How to Make a Good First Impression at Your Job

When you get a new job, everything about the job is going to be new to you. A new company that you will be working at, you will have a new manager, you will be working with a new team, and you will be meeting new people at the office. This is a very exciting time when you move onto something new in your career but this it is also a time when what you say and what you do on your first day of the new job will be noticed by everyon. Read More »

Easy To Implement Tips To Help You To Stand Out From Other Candidates In Your Job Search

When people start to look for a new career post, many view it as a fairly simple exercise. The common perception is that if you simply contact recruitment agencies, send in your old CV or career resume, and contact a few friends to let them know you are looking, that will suffice. In today’s job market that is a recipe for failure. Read More »

All You Need to Know About Office Romances

Office romances are neither strongly prohibited, nor encouraged. People do interact, like or dislike each other, sometimes they even fall in love and get married. This is natural of human beings. There has always been plenty of love stories between employees and bosses, colleagues and competitors. Love affairs as they are do not bring any harm, but the tricky moment is: the closer relationships people reach and the more they love each other – the more they would hurt each other if they break up or go through hard times. Imagine a person falls in love with a colleague from another department. They get married, but decide to get divorced after some time. Divorce, as it is, is a tiresome, sometimes disgusting procedure. If these two have to face each other daily or work cooperatively, most probably their professionalism will be reduced to nothing. Read More »

How to Choose a Career

here is no perfect career, but there is the right career for each person. We all have different interests, experiences and skills. The key is finding the best fit for you. Most careers are filled with average workers who are in the field based on money, status or meet their parent’s expectations. The average employee is not passionate and it shows. People whose job incorporates their passion are in the top ten percent of their industry. How is that possible? People engaged in their work earn more at the higher end of a lower salary range, than making the bare minimal in a high end field. It’s all about making a living doing something that excites you. Read More »