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Nine Secrets to Winning a Customer With Copy Writing- For Websites, Marketing And Internet Marketing

Some businesses get thousands of visitors on their websites each month but rarely get someone to buy their product or services. Why is that? The Internet is not the same playing field as it is when you are face-to-face.

On the Internet, your first impression is likely to be your only impression. You have approximately three seconds to get a visitor’s attention when he or she comes to your site. In just three seconds, they will decide if you are a good choice for solving their problem. And once they click off your site, you have lost them forever.

You could be the very best in your industry and have something that people desperately need and want but if it doesn’t come across in your copy, no one will buy it online. So how do you get their attention? Here are some general rules for writing marketing copy that will effectively sell you – and not just on the web. Copy is copy and it works just about the same way in your printed materials. Read More »

Earning Money Using Facebook One of the Best Ways Ever to Target Consumers

recently was visiting a forum and found a thread where the question was posed about earning money using Facebook. It was an interesting question and one that we felt led to explore further. It is interesting what we found.

In any form of marketing, getting the right message to the right consumer at the right time has always been the biggest challenge and where a great deal of time and effort is placed. You can have the greatest ad ever created, but if it is not viewed by the right demographic, it is a waste of money and effort. Read More »

Four Rules To Follow When Starting Your Own Business

Perhaps the hardest and most critical part of starting a small business is figuring out which product or service to sell. Choices are unlimited but possibilities for success aren’t. Small businesses often start and shut down within a couple of years, which indicates how challenging the economy is these days. Assuming you have a small budget, the following four guidelines promise to help: Read More »

How To Choose A Home Based Business That Will Make You Happy and Rich

Is it possible to be be happy and rich? Just because someone has money does not mean they are happy, and I have seen plenty of poor, happy people in my travels.

If you are looking for an alternative to your current situation,and thinking about starting a home based business, it’s important to keep the end goal in mind right from the start. If you choose a business solely based on how much money you can make, you may end up with the long term fulfillment you are seeking.

Here are two very important factors to consider when looking for a home based business that will make you happy and rich. Read More »