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4 tips to protect your business and your love relationship

4 tips to protect your business and your love relationship
We share some strategies to remain successful in your work without neglecting the needs of your partner. Relationships are never easy, but an entrepreneur has a number of unique challenges when it comes to balance the demands of work with the needs of a couple.

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Five Steps to Deal With Discipline and Step Children

1. Communication: If only I’d had the benefit of being able to sit down with the children’s mother when my husband and myself were getting serious. We knew this was a longterm relationship in the making and that I would be spending a lot of time with the kids. If I had been a mom, I would have wanted to check out my kid’s potential step mom and set some expectations. I figured that it would be a given. However, it was almost two years before I saw her face to face. This is because without any warning, she decided to move across the country. She is not exactly the type to call or skype for long chats with her ex’s new wife or even her ex about parenting. At the point I finally met her I had been a fulltime step mom to her kids for almost two years without her influence. Read More »

Stop Making Excuses in Relationships

It’s very common for women in particular to make excuses for the behavior of partners at the expense of themselves – particularly in new relationships. Women who are likely to be suffering from low self esteem can find themselves in relationships where they are having to guess how much a new partner really likes them, wants to be with them and/or wants to be in a committed relationship with them.

As an outsider, it’s often easy to see the problem in these situations – these women often desperately wants to believe the relationship will work, so they seek potential signs to prove the relationship will be a success. Often the search is for signs the other person likes Them. However this is where most of the problem lies. Read More »

Three Steps to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

There are three steps to this method and this method should be guaranteed to win back the one you love, unfortunately this is not fool proof, some wounds can simply not be healed. But you are welcome to try and these steps should aid and facilitate any healing that the relationship requires.

Step one; if you have any contact with your ex break it off now, for now at least, if you are still in contact with him he will probably begin to think of you as a backup. If anything he tries to do goes badly you will be there to catch him, he may begin to think of you as his safety net, if you break off communication he will begin to worry that he has lost you for good. This will never happen if you keep talking to him, and don’t be worried that you are giving him too much space to meet another person, this is a way to make him realise he isn’t compatible with anyone else and brings him back to you. Read More »

How To Stay Romantic When You Are Living Together

During the challenges everyone is facing through these hard financial times it can be very easy for couples to let the health of their relationships diminish without realizing it. The stress of making ends meet, unemployment and everyday life can quash a romantic atmosphere. We sometimes forget to show our affection for the person we have chosen to share life with. Passion is pushed aside as we struggle to meet the day to day demands. These problems are just as real for couples that choose to live together as it is for married couples. Read More »

Relationship Secrets: How To Be Understanding

Good understanding lays the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. Most of us dream of a life partner, who understands and cares: women especially, long for “understanding” in a relationship more than men. It is common for one to have numerous expectations from a relationship but it is equally important to match up to your partner’s expectations as well! How many of us, sincerely care about living up to our partner’s expectations? Most of us would love to be accepted the way we are. Yet there is no harm in putting some efforts, to accept and be accepted. To achieve that comfort level and strike a good rapport, it is important for us to move out of our comfort zone and show how much we care for our love. So how does one attempt to be “UNDERSTANDING”? Read More »

Accepting the Differences Between Men and Women

Everybody dreams of entering into that perfect relationship one day. You know the one, where the person you are with shares exactly the same emotions as you, has exactly the same interests as you and ultimately really connects with you. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is simply never going to happen. Men and Women are far too different psychologically. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have the perfect relationship however. You just need to know how to accept and embrace the differences between men and women. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be too difficult. Read More »