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How to Become an Actor

Job Description:

Actors are persons who entertain and perform for various different reasons. Actors may star in films as portrayals of characters, star in advertisements or factual pieces to educate, or may perform live as part of a play or pantomime. Actors are generally expected to be confident, Dramatic, Artistic, talented and charismatic. The hours vary considerably depending on what you are acting. Being an Actor is a good job for many people, but the key traits to have are a sociable personality, strong teamwork skills, and ability to work under direction, a good sense of humour, quick wit and showmanship. Read More »

How To Develop Report Writing Skills

My Background

I work in a large company. For years I was an admin assistant and made very little progress in my role. I am quite a flexible worker, so the company tended to move me from department to department. This did not give me the opportunity to progress in any role. Over the years, I noticed that people who had stayed on in one role tended to progress and get promotion to more senior roles in that area. Read More »

10 Steps Towards A Stress-Free Introduction Into Management

Becoming a manager for the first time can be an unnerving and sometimes stressful experience. In many cases, organisations expect you to immediately jump into the role and begin to perform as if you have been there for years. Also, you may have been promoted “out of the blue” and as such have not taken part in any “succession planning” that would have prepared you for the management role.

If you follow the ten steps outlined then you will put yourself in a much better position to develop into your management role than perhaps may have been the case. Read More »

Benefits of Working in a Call Centre

Organizations are increasing their use of call centres. This is creating more opportunities for people to become call centre agents. An agent is a very busy role. It involves outbound sales calls or inbound customer service calls. The end result of an outbound call is different from an inbound call. Inbound calls are usually customer service calls where the agent will try to resolve an issue that the customer has. An outbound call is usually a sales call. However, the techniques used by agents are consistent. There are different benefits from working in this kind of environ Read More »