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How to Become an Actor

Job Description:

Actors are persons who entertain and perform for various different reasons. Actors may star in films as portrayals of characters, star in advertisements or factual pieces to educate, or may perform live as part of a play or pantomime. Actors are generally expected to be confident, Dramatic, Artistic, talented and charismatic. The hours vary considerably depending on what you are acting. Being an Actor is a good job for many people, but the key traits to have are a sociable personality, strong teamwork skills, and ability to work under direction, a good sense of humour, quick wit and showmanship. Read More »

Psychologist VS Psychiatrist Income

A lot of people are unaware of the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Many will also be unaware of the salary of psychologist vs. psychiatrist is very different. When reviewing the big difference in psychologist vs. psychiatrist income, we need to ask ourselves what the two professions actually do. These are two different fields and the education and the way they practice has a very distinctly different path from one another. The psychologist vs. psychiatrist income is also markedly different. Read More »

Salary Packaging and Tax Saving

Salary packaging, also known as a salary sacrifice arrangement, is a way to restructure your employment income so as to buy goods and services or pay personal expenses and costs from your BEFORE TAX income rather than your AFTER TAX income.

Such an effective and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approved arrangement gives more buying power to you as you are spending the tax dollars that would otherwise be withheld from your pay and paid to the ATO for the government to spend. Read More »

How to Work Out Annual Gross Pay

There are two types of gross pay – hourly and salaried. Calculating gross pay annually is shown as follows:

1. To calculate the annual gross pay, first find out a recent paycheck stub. This will help you to calculate your gross annual salary. ‘Gross’ would refer to the amount of wage you have earned before taxes or health insurance is deducted. Read More »

Why Salary Slip Is Essential for an Employee

Salary slip is an important document in the hands of an employee. It is authentication of the amount he would get from the company at the end of the month. Preparing a pay structure is not difficult as the Accounts departments feeds every single detail about the employee, his perks and allowances in the computer. Read More »

Beat the Boss at the Salary Negotiation Game

Employers have the upper hand when it comes to salary negations. We want to give you the power back, by teaching you the psychology of salary negations.

Employers will often offer you a salary and then you negotiate from there. With this technique you change around the tides of power. By taking control and using the psychology of comparison, you will walk away with a bigger salary then previously you would achieve and the best thing is the employer will think he has a good deal!

So to start: Read More »

What Makes the Information Technology Salary Appealing?

The popularity of computers gave birth to thousands of information technologists all over the world. The IT courses and jobs became extremely popular in the ’90s and remain to be one of the most sought after jobs, mainly because of the salary that a technician can get, not to mention the wide-ranging job opportunities it can offer. If you notice, almost every company, if not all, use computers that serve as their data storing devices, communication tools, and more. With this, it is but normal for them to have information technologists that will guide them through computer systems and applications their work requires. Read More »

The true meaning of the questions in the job interview

The true meaning of the questions in the job interview
A few weeks ago I saw a television program in which told the story of Tomas Carlovich, the Trinche , an Argentine footballer with amazing abilities to become one of the best players in history, and, when asked why would be his meteoric career, explained that looked fishing, relaxed. Read More »