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Tips for Landing a Great Job Online

When searching for jobs online, it is important to find quality job sites and forums that will lead you to actual job positions, not an endless listing of work-from-homes and data entry positions with companies just a little too shifty for comfort. You can find these sites by using an online job search combined with careful scrutiny and research.

When searching for jobs on the internet, be sure to use sites that have a high rating. Sites with forums can be excellent resources, as they provide a human contact and other’s opinions and suggestions on the same website as job postings. There are always things to watch for, though, and internet-savvy tips to finding the perfect job online. Read More »

Who Else Wants Your Job?

It was not that long ago that a job seeker’s main competition for a position he or she wanted was other candidates in the general area who had similar skills, experience, and perhaps education. Certainly someone might have been willing to move to another area for a particular position, but most candidates for the majority of jobs were those in close proximity to where the employing organization was located. Read More »