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10 movies of all teacher education and student must watch

random great movies about education

10 movies of all teacher education and student must watch Movies about -other than the narratives that develop in education are very few academic institutions in the international film industry. The main cause is the blind belief that these films are not box office blockbusters or go unnoticed for moviegoers, …

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Unlocking the Power of Social Media in Classrooms

Today, students and teachers both are adept at using social media to meet their interests and needs as far as learning is concerned. Students use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to chat with friends, share valuable information, interesting news, and photos in groups and social circles, while teachers use it for a …

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Social Media Bridging the Student-Teacher Communication Gap in Classes

There was a time when students would get cold feet at the very thought of interacting with their teachers; even if that meant for discussing regular assignment related issues, or to simply wish them on special occasions. Now, teachers are no more the dreaded humans and students do not fret …

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