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Top Reasons to Use Career Advice Services

Should you be looking for and using career advice services? Nearly anyone who is looking for a job or who is hoping to move up in their industry can benefit from these professionals. Do you have goals outlined for yourself? Are you taking every step possible to move from where you are today to where you need to be in the future? For those not happy with their current position and want to do something more, this type of service can be ideal. Depending on the location you visit, they can often provide you with ample training and help that can make all of the difference. Read More »

If You Want to Get Promoted, Do Not Overlook This Important Step

You’re a high performer with a great track record of success. You’ve proven yourself to be a valuable asset to your team. And you consistently invest in professional development opportunities to improve your skills and broaden your experience. So what else do you need to do to get promoted? Read More »

How to Move Ahead at Work With Ease

Do you know what’s expected of you? Have you asked?

How many times have you heard someone say (or even said yourself) something like this: “Sally got promoted, not me. What’s the deal? I’ve contributed so much more than she has!” or “I just don’t know what else my boss wants from me, I did everything I could think of on this last project, and still, it wasn’t enough.” or “I’m afraid I’m going to be let go, I think I’ve done what they wanted, but I just don’t know.” Read More »

Where Will You Take Your Career in 2013?

It’s that time of year again – to reflect on the year behind you and plan the year ahead. Many people are looking to move their career forward, but without a strategy or ongoing momentum, it can be difficult. How can you ensure that you achieve your work goals and progress in your career over the coming year? Read More »

10 Great Tips How to Get a Job and Writing a Resume!

How to obtain a desirable Design/Fashion Job

10 Great Tips

From Application to the Job interview

Before even thinking about applying for a job, boosting is essential.

First, don’t let the recession stop you, employers are always looking for talent so even though there might be a economic down period it might just be the best time to move ahead. Having fresh ideas and and ‘go get it attitude’ is perhaps just what the company your looking to apply for a job at needs right now. If you don’t have the precise skills don’t let that stop you, with an outgoing personality and a brave heart you’ll come far. Starting in retail is a great idea, this shows that you have worked physically in fashion and have a humble attitude, also that your willing to work your way up and that you know what the customers wants simply because you’ve seen it first hand. Read More »

Helpful Hints To Get A Raise Or Promotion

Are you content with your current rate of pay? I can tell that you aren’t just because you have chosen to click on this article. Showing up to work everyday is not enough if you want to make it to the next level in your career. The following tips will put you on the right track of becoming a valuable asset to your company which should result in better compensation.

Make sure you’re always on time.

Chances are, if you’re on time you are late in the opinion of your boss. By rule of thumb you should arrive at work no later than 10 minutes prior to when your shift is scheduled to start. Not only does this allow a buffer for unexpected difficulties that may hinder your punctuality like a dead car battery or a longer than expected line at the gas pump, but it proves that you are determined to go above and beyond your expected work hours. It is an additional bonus if you are able to get to work before your boss. Read More »

How a Recruitment Agency Can Help You

If you are not working at the moment, then you might consider visiting a recruitment agency to see whether they can offer you something that suits your skills. Although there are a lot of online job search engines, they will not give you the personal service that you need to find work that you want. Even if you are working now, you might want to consider whether you will find a better job and life elsewhere. If you have ever considered stepping outside your comfort zone, you might want to speak to a IT recruitment specialist. Read More »

5 Tips on How to Develop a Twitter Marketing Strategy

You’ll find as you make plans to start or grow your business you’ll need to have a strategy for each tool you use. Twitter especially, needs to have a strategy all of its own as it is a unique micro-blogging platform.

As all the social media platforms are different – you’ll find it almost impossible to use them in the same way. This is due to the different audiences who want different results from using individual social media sites like, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Read More »

Pick the Best Place to Throw Your Loved One a Birthday Party

If you want to throw someone a birthday party and want it to be an event that they will never forget, you should take your time when it comes to choosing the venue. Even though you may be working with a budget, it is possible for you to host the event at a great venue, but you have to be willing to do some searching. You shouldn’t choose the cheapest and cheesiest looking place in time. You need to remember that you are trying to show your loved one how much you care and respect them. You can’t get that message across very well when you pick a place that even they may not want to show up too. Read More »

Cheating Husband – How to Get Revenge on Your Husband and His Mistress

You’ve just been dealt a devastating blow. You have found out that your husband has been having affair. Setting aside the hurt and humiliation you are feeling, you are angry. You want revenge. Understandably so.

You find yourself plotting cruel ways to make them pay for their actions. Never before has a woman been so scorned. Read More »