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10 words that should not be mentioned in a job interview or at work

words to be avided in job interview

10 words that should not be mentioned in a job interview or at work We conducted an informal survey of experts in communication that found these 10 words that mean nothing but for who perceives can say a lot. Meet this note what those words you should avoid saying at …

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How You Can Write Better, Smarter and Clearer For Profit

Writing has often been seen as both a hobby and a business. Many people write diaries and notes in journals and they may do that for many years. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are good examples. Another is Eleanor Roosevelt. In fact you may be doing that right now for …

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5 Skills You Need To Achieve Your Writing Goals

1. Critical Thinking I believe a fundamental requirement for effective writing is the development and constant nurturing of a critical thinking habit. Without this a writer is likely to struggle considerably to come up with truly original and potentially profound insights to share with readers. When your writing fails to …

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How Can I Write My Book Faster?' – A Quick and Easy Guide For Writers

Words I often hear from clients are these: “I’m slow at writing and frequently get stuck. I wish I had a magic want to enable me to concentrate on writing and improving and work faster!” This is an incredibly common problem – slow writing and getting stuck – even for …

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Do You Know What,s Your 10 Most Important Words?

After 20 years as an ad & marketing guy, I’ve found that most businesses know their business and have an established set of words & descriptions. But too often, many simply don’t know or understand their online marketing lexicon. And by that I mean the words their prospects are searching …

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