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How You Can Write Better, Smarter and Clearer For Profit

Writing has often been seen as both a hobby and a business. Many people write diaries and notes in journals and they may do that for many years. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are good examples. Another is Eleanor Roosevelt. In fact you may be doing that right now for your own reasons. As for me, I see that kind of writing as a personal hobby.

I started as a hobby writer many years ago at the urging of one of my grade school teachers. Miss Thuss said to me: ” Terry you seem to have trouble expressing yourself when you talk and try to tell us your ideas here in class but when you hand in one of the written assignments I give you to do, you have a way of writing down your ideas that is both interesting and entertaining for me and others to read.” Read More »

Authors, Build Your Plan and Successfully Publish Your Book

Hundreds of people dream every day about writing books and making a living from their efforts. It is possible, but in order to make your dream a reality, you will need to follow a list of techniques and critical steps before you write your first word.

There are several critical steps you need to master before you write anything. The steps might seem too simple to be helpful, but if you don’t follow a proven method, you will quickly run into difficulty and your book will go nowhere. Your first task is to make a plan that will keep you on track while you are creating your book. It’s a simple thing: No Plan = No Book! Read More »

4 Common Mistakes Make With Their CV and Resume

Your CV or Resume Looks Like All the Others

Have a quick glance at any company offering you advice on how to write a CV or Resume and would you agree they all have the same appearance?

It does not take a mind reader to know that the top half of your CV will contain your address details, your personal details, your profile, your objective and perhaps the start of your work history.
This is because all CV’s and Resumes are almost identical. Read More »