Ten Gmail features you may not know

Ten Gmail features you may not know
Gmail Labs, which currently has 35 different functions with which to enrich our user experience can be enabled from the settings tab of our own. I¬†reviewed the “extensions” that strike us more interesting.

Gmail Labs could consider as a large repository in which Goggle regularly publishes new features that are not implemented by default in the application. Many are still experimental, and others have been developed by the community, so they remain ” laboratory ” waiting for that either are officially implemented or are the users to decide whether they want to tell, or not, these features.
As review all would be endless work, MiPymes we analyzed the ten we consider best suited to the daily work of entrepreneurs and workers.

Offline Gmail

One of the latest implemented functions and one that is most talked about. From now on, we can use gmail as your email client offline . To do this, we have previously installed Google Gears. The mode off-line allows us to search, write drafts, and virtually everything we could do in the way online .
Once we connect to the Internet, Gmail detect mode we are on-line and automatically synchronize all the work done.

Multiple Inboxes

Is convenient if you have a wide-screen monitor . This utility allows us to deploy multiple side panels, thanks to which we can work more easily when searching and manage with filters and labels.


Who has not ever worked with an application of “To Do List” ? Goggle has decided to integrate this simple utility that will allow us to quickly see the tasks left to do. There is such a powerful application as other specialized only in this aspect of productivity (” Remember the milk ” is a good example), but will be useful to those users that are not too demanding.

Go to Label

Gmail has, by default, several keyboard short-cuts that make our lives easier. For example if you press “g” and then “i” will lead us directly to the inbox, or if you press “g” + “s” we highlight the salient points. Activating the application “Go to Label” we can move with the same simplicity through our labels.
All we have to do is press “g” (go) + “l” (label) + “Initial tag that interests us” (in the case of having two or more labels that begin with the same letter, write the first two letters, and so on).

Quick Links

Quick Links shows a panel that drops just below our panel labels. It allows us to save as a favorite any element Gmail, whether a message, whether a search. It is very useful to perform repetitive tasks without having to always enter terms that seek to form.


By default, Goggle allows us to highlight the messages that interest us with a small yellow star. With Superstars, options to expand 12 different icons with which we can highlight the messages that interest us, making disntintos visual filters.

Canned Responses

It is a very useful utility for all those who are forced to answer many emails throughout the day . Especially if many of the answers we give quen are repeated with some frequency. Canned responses allows us to customize several possible answers to attach in our e-mails with a couple of clicks.

Customs Keyboard Short-cuts

If you like to control any application short-cuts , have this utility. It allows us to custom configure all the keyboard short-cuts imaginable to perform the most common tasks in Gmail.

Forgotten Attachment Detector

Everyone has happened to us. We sent an e-mail with the aim to include an attachment, but once sent us realize that we have not attached the file we thought to include. This application scans the e-mail we will send and if it detects that we want to include a file but have not, tell us. By all appearances, searches for terms, which works well if we write in English.

Pictures in Chat

It allows us to view the picture of the person we are talking to Goggle Talk.