Ten keys to find a good job in 2015


Ten keys to find a good job in 2015
The year is just starting, and if you’re looking for a better job, this 2015 offers a great opportunity to achieve professional goals that have drawn you. According to the website of firstaidforhealth.com , while improving conditions in the labor market, employ

3ers have the challenge of finding new routes to gain competitiveness in the search for candidates. careertracing.com, a specialist career advice site, share with you 10 tips that you can implement in your search.

1. Persuasion skills . All candidates, although not engaged in sales, require these verbal skills, as you will be able to desempeñarte more strongly in interviews, better to write your resume and even negotiate a better salary.

2. Your passions . It is a fact that you should focus on your professional development, but also need you to feed that you like it. If you engage in any club about something you’re passionate about, you will discover opportunities in your favorite niches.

3. Your job references . Stay close to your references as you seek employment. Let them call, or go for a coffee with them. This allows you to keep track of your labor claims and helps you in reaching your goals.

4. Do not underestimate your resume . A sheet of creative life is useful in such industries, so consider a traditional profile, even if it seems boring, highlight achievements and abilities having no distractions for the recruiter.

5. Business cards . Try to renew frequently and make sure they are a reflection of your personality and your professional style.

6. Professional photographs . You will not need or a photographer or a professional camera if you use photographs and maintained mainly updated.

7. The portfolio . Make an inventory of your accomplishments during the year that passed and give priority to the time of the interview.

8. The reading . Choose books leadership, career counseling, development or others who consider that can help improve your professional skills.

9. The keywords . Will be essential when you hang your profile on internet and you want to get noticed by recruiters. Be sure to use the correct words also in the biography of LinkedIn and web portfolio.

10. Write about it . Create a list of articles or blogs to write about that what you spend. That way, you will create a reputation as a professional or you could even become a leading voice in the industry.

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