The 10 films that every marketer should see

The 10 films that every marketer should see
The Oscars are just around the corner and this selection offers a nominated: No. A film, a lesson. Check out this list.

What Women Want

A classic of our times where Mel Gibson gets the gift that many would like. An egocentric publicist who develops a successful advertising campaign for a love mark while unintentionally falls in love with his creative ideas. This film is an entertaining romantic comedy whose marketer lesson is, literally: get into the minds of your consumers to know their insights .

The Joneses

There is a subtle difference between living the American dream and sell the American dream. Enjoyable and entertaining Hollywood style, the film makes clear that the art of advertising is a full time job that requires going to bed with the client . But that … well you know.

The Truman Show

Inspired by the format of a reality show before the boom of these serials, The Truman Show also could be considered a classic intervenor. Ed Harris and Jim Carrey tell the story about creating a story and sell it. It would be like a good kind of Storytelling .

Jerry Maguire

Another major consensual, Jerry Maguire tells a story of love, public relations, sports marketing and even miracles. How to sell illusions or sports promises? And of course, take a lesson in how to deal with a difficult customer .

The game of fortune

Change the rules, the destination? It all started when Billy Bean, played by Brad Pitt – sold an idea. Based on a true story, this film explains how the golden boy was looking how to beat the baseball teams with payrolls ten times higher than yours.

There is a sequence in which Beane hears his old team advisers who possessed the “perfect formula”. That’s when Bean questions his method and wreaks havoc in the organization with its vision: to get different results, you have to do different things … It could be a work of header for every marketer. We recommend you read the review of Cinepremiere on this tape.

The best movie ever sold

Everything is for sale. Internet and television make a message reaches all sides. this documentary speaks especially brand positioning and success.

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Love and other addictions

Far beyond the romantic story that presents this film, Love and other addictions is remembered for being a pioneer of product placement , because when few knew this powerful medically, the film introduced the viagra market.

Social Network

A more consensual public, he was born just when Facebook took power and became Company. Through the stories you will find many tips that led the young Zuckerberg to be a model entrepreneur and build a digital empire.

The Corporation

A documentary more. This understanding basic rules about what it is, what it tastes, how a corporation is built, and above all, to see how the term ” benefit “can have many meanings.

Do Not

And finally, the much talked-film played by Gael Garcia and will seek to take the statuette in the next instalment of the Oscars . Political marketing . An advertising campaign that builds and sells a very powerful idea: No.