The 10 highest paid professions in the US

The 10 highest paid professions in the US
Here are the professions where average annual salaries and what kind of documents are needed to work in the United States from the point of view of migration are obtained are indicated.

1. Physicians & Surgeons

What doctors earn varies greatly according to specialization. Currently it is estimated that one in ten jobs are not covered by the high demand there for these workers.

Studies : A minimum of eleven years of higher education. In this field there are many foreign doctors who validate their studies in foreign universities. The process is hard, but possible.

2. Orthodontists

Average salary : $ 204.670
Studies : it takes eight years of higher education and pass a tough exam to practice.

3. Corporate Directors (CEO)

Average salary : $ 176.550
Education : Bachelor. It is common to have an MBA but not necessary. The highest paid workers in the world of cinema.

4. Engineers specialists in oil industry

Average salary : $ 138.980
Education : BS and practical experience

5. Lawyers

Average salary : $ 130.490
Education : Bachelor’s degree, three years in law school and pass the exam is known as Bar in the state in which you wish to practice.

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6. Managers of teams of engineers or architects

Average salary : $ 120.350, eventually winning a $ 60,000 more per year on average for the pipeline industry.
Studies : are graduates with extensive experience in their field. The highest paid reside in Alaska, California and Texas.

7. Managers specializing in Natural Sciences

Average salary : $ 128.230
Education : graduates in fields as diverse as chemistry, physics or biology. Usually with several years of work experience in laboratories. They work in areas as diverse as universities, state governments, aerospace or insurance.

8. Marketing Managers

Average salary : $ 126, 190 in increments of more than $ 40,000 for specialists in the fashion world or in the field of oil or natural gas.
Education : At least a bachelor’s degree.

9. Managers of Information Systems and Computing

Average salary : $ 125.660 although specialists in systems related to the stock, bonds and other investments or the film industry achieve higher average wages, around $ 160,000 annually.
Education : Bachelor studies majoring in information technology (IT, for its acronym in English).
No state has so many managers of information systems such as California, where a large number of technology companies are concentrated.

10. Psychologists company

Average salary : $ 124.160 per year reaching $ 163.080 specialists in technical, scientific or management areas.
Education: Bachelor’s degree and doctorate.