The 25 most wanted professional qualities LinkedIn

The 25 most wanted professional qualities LinkedIn
When we seek employment, many of us wonder who are the people who managed to be hired and what they are doing. In search of responding to this concern, LinkedIn analyzed over 330 million profiles, and found the most attractive skills of people who managed to get a job this year. This compilation, reports the web CNN Expansion , groups, in general, skills related to technological development in security systems, mobile, web design, engineering data and knowledge in Unix, Linux and Mac. Then the list of skills that characterized the contract in 2014.

25. Virtualization.
24. Development of games.
23. Programming Language.
22. Design of integrated circuits.
21. SAP ERP systems.
20. Marketing channel.
19. Java Development.
18. Economy.
17. animation and computer graphics.
16 Digital Marketing.
15. Recruitment.
14. Design user interface.
13. Mac systems, Linux and Unix. .
12 Managing advertising campaigns.
11 Engineering and data storage.
10. Programming language: Perl / Python / Ruby.
9. Design of algorithms. .
8 web and programming architecture. .
7 Mobile Development. .
6. Business Intelligence.
5 Marketing SEO / SEM.
4. Networking and information security.
3. Systems handling and storage.
2. Integration of bridging programs.
1. Statistical analysis and data synthesis.