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The 3 fundamental questions job interview


There are 3 types of questions that are basic in any job interview, regardless of the area or the importance of the position. According to the attitude of our response is that we will have more opportunities .

Today, beyond the professional requirements that takes into account each employer, have joined the technical and sociological which can be summarized in three questions .

Tell me about you
This seems like a simple request but it is not . Is so broad that, depending on the subject we touch, give an idea of who we really are. It is best to make a reference to the work .

Tell me a virtue and a defect that has
If we know well it will not be difficult. However, the idea that our virtue can be exploited at work . Similarly, the defect can not be converted into an impediment to perform our work .

What will be your main contribution?
This is an opportunity to highlight our qualities for employment. Always relating them to this and being specific at all times.

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