The 4 Factors to Becoming Successful With Women

This article will be focusing on how to get women. To be desirable to women you must be attractive, have value, have strong social skills, and have the confidence to actually get the job done. These factors are what dictate how you will find, attract, close-in, and get with the women you choose.

Lets dive in,

1. Attractiveness:
Attraction is the big thing that brings women to like or want to be with a guy. Your looks and your personality are the parts of you that either be attractive or unattractive. Different women are attracted by different things but there are general guidelines for how you should and should not be to increase your overall quota.

Women are known not to be attracted to body fat and flabbiness. They are also not known to be attracted to skinny guys or skinny fat guys. As is often seen, what is considered a hot body to them is one that is toned and defined.

With the face, it should be clean and clear. Hair should generally be kept short and reflect your style. Your clothing should reflect your personality, express yourself, and be of a certain image you are going for.

Woman have always been known to be attracted to confidence perhaps more so than any other quality. Being funny and appreciating humor are also considered highly attractive.

2. Value:
Woman judge the value of a partner more highly than we do for them, so it is important that we emphasize this as much as we can. It is more important than looks for women, which is success is so attractive.

Value is judged in two distinctions being social and status. Social value is how positively you are received and what kinds of people you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with esteemed people, some of that will rub off on you.

Status value is indicated by status symbols such as high end clothing or taste, possessions, and profession. It is quite possible to be successful with women without them although it does help.

3. Social Skills:
Social skills largely determine your level of social value so that they are of huge importance. You absolutely must be able to hold a conversation, make a good first impression, and stay interesting over the course of an interaction. Working on these skills should be a priority in order to maximize your results with the opposite gender.

4. Confidence/Self-esteem:
Not having confidence is a deal breaker in your results with woman. In fact, it could be that besides everything else, the reason you are not successful with them is because you lack the confidence to actually close the deal. Once attraction has been established the only thing that can get in the way is either a grave miscalculation or inertia because of a lack of confidence to escalate.success

Confidence can be built through a variety of activities that are unrelated, but useful, to dating. Many find it a great place to begin in improving their dating because they find building up the other parts such as social skills become a lot easier.

There you have it.. four factors that determine your desirability demystified. Have attractive qualities, be of high value, social skills, and healthy self-esteem. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses here will help you to find the path to improving yourself to bring you to the desirable level of attractiveness to women.