The 4 rules to increase your salary

Having a number of years in the business, arrive early and be a satisfied employee is not enough to get better pay . Know exactly what you will say and what are the reasons for requesting an increase are the crucial elements when asking for more revenue. 

The topic ‘money’ dominates decisions changing jobs, confirms a survey by the website, where 50% of participants (from a universe of 3,000) mentions that the main reason that drives their search for new opportunities to improve their wage compensation. Increase revenue also becomes a prime target to start the year, however, beyond locate specific dates for requesting the increase , the foundations of a negotiation is to demonstrate with evidence and arguments deserve.

The best time to negotiate is when the company prepares its annual budgets, although every organization has certain dates to authorize a higher starting their employees. The recommendation is to use that time to make the request, then it is more difficult to apply for a higher salary, the author Jorge Curcio mentions in the book ‘Strategies to find the job of your life’.

A common behavior in the employee is “assume” that deserve a raise to meet essential tasks, such as delivering projects on time and on the date they were required, says Patricia Fernández Noriega, a psychologist and specialist in labor recruitment.

“That, beyond being something extraordinary , is the least that is expected of the employee, it is part of their responsibilities, “says the specialist. Therefore, one of the first questions to be answered by questioning an increase is: the company also think I deserve an increase? Why? and how do I backup my request?

The higher salary requests must consider several aspects. The first point is whether the company is able to allocate that extra;you should get information about the finances within the organization. If your numbers show that the proposal can “walk” the following is to raise a meeting with the immediate boss, jump hierarchies can lead to rejection and your image in front of your superior will be destroyed.

Noriega details that the most effective way to request more income and less used, is to propose new ideas and projects to optimize results and profits of the company. The formula for a raise is: I request and in return can give extra benefits. A pay increase is according to business conditions and subject to the results of the professional.

There are other steps to consider when raising this request. The first rule is “do not try to sell the best in our work, nor threaten to leave the organization, or inventing we have other offers to consider if you do not get what we want,” the CEO of Mexico, Margarita Chico. Instead of resorting to the ‘threat’, your request based on these points:

1. Why invest in you?

Make an assessment of how was your performance, lists your strengths and work successes and weaknesses. Being an employee to comply in a timely manner is valuable, but not enough to take a good increase. You get is based on plus you’ve given your work in various fields, from the result type, to the relationship you have worked with your superiors. A valuable to talk about winning more ingredient, is that the boss feel – so generally are an employee who usually provide various options on the results it gives, and you might even support the top when any difficulty arises. If you are a person that meets, but lacks strengths that give a value to the work that’s a problem, explains Jorge Curcio in his work.

2. See if they have resources

. Analyzes the financial situation of the company, because your request – somehow- changes budgets area and that should be contemplated. It is improper for a moment with financial problems, the employee continually insist that you need to increase it.Chances are that the request is rejected or, worse, if the mood is low can be taken as an act of little commitment to the organization, a situation that could play “against you” when the economic restructuring of the company is given.

3. Supports with ‘facts’

. Fernández Noriega points out that employees often ask for a raise based on the argument “what you (now) give me very little for what I do, even elsewhere in my work would be paid better.” This is a wrong way to act. It is necessary to guide what you will say and in what way, because that is a negotiation. See it as a dialogue in which will explain because you deserve the increase. In this analysis, history lists, as earlier gains, for you and coworkers, situation of the company, market, type of results you’ve delivered, number of people who can take responsibility for your care, among other factors.

4. Be direct

. A blunder in this petition is ‘skipping’ hierarchies. Your immediate boss is who should receive this request first. When the stresses explain the reasons that are related to the company. Demonstrates why your new quote will help develop your area. Otherwise, the order will seem a whim or intention to make more money doing the same job.

View this petition as a case of sale. You must ask yourself what you want and how you want it and act accordingly. Expose what benefits you can bring through higher pay. Know where you stand and what has the other (the company) to give. In your argument you need to highlight points, as responsibilities you have in your care and how these increased over time, and options to improve outcomes implementing some ideas to increase the profitability of the company.

When asking for more money for your work, the focus is ‘negotiate’, so you must have a position of maximum and minimum. Avoid enfrascarte a figure, because that might end in failure, and when such meeting ends badly is a bad precedent for subsequent orders, mentioned Jorge Curcio.

Margarita Chico points out that if the request does not result in an increase, take this as the beginning of a negotiation. The issue could be paused and the next meeting should think of new reasons to get a yes for an answer.

If the request is denied again and again, even if the company has its healthy finances, the employee must deepen what labor market itself or element is preventing the increase, and if the time to think of another job offer came, emphasizes Fernández Noriega.