The 8 errors bad bosses

We share the most common phrases we hear from them, take them into account and know how to react if you listen sometime.

1) “If you are not satisfied with the work, find someone who does.”

A bad bosses love to remind employees who’s boss. Telling someone that can easily be replaced is not the wisest of ideas. But good managers know that not everything has to do with a salary, they give them space to its employees and let them express their ideas and recognize the value of their contributions.

2) I’m the boss

The attitude you have is what will show your position within the work environment, not the fact of repeating left and right because you end up invalidating. Besides, it can cause a break in good relations with employees because they see you as someone inaccessible.

3) That’s not how we do it here

Each has a different way of working and nobody has the right to impose their own. While the company must operate in a specific way, is the mission of the head make those different working methods are focused on achieving the same goal.

4) We will consider

This is the perfect excuse when a boss does not like the ideas of employees, with this only intimidate not express their ideas in the future.

5) It is not my fault

A good leader is the one who helps people to come through some mistake and not washing hands. If a negative situation occurs in the office for any offense committed by another employee, encourages everyone to contribute ideas and achieve together a solution.

6) Leave everything and take care of this “now”

Any good manager can use this phrase also, in times of emergency. But only do in times of real crisis. Those who are bad at their jobs they do every day.

7) Bring solutions, not problems

It is true that workers are able to solve their own problems without consulting senior management. But many leaders interpret this as an excuse for employees not complain and resolve critical situations themselves. Often who detected the problem has neither the information nor the tools to solve them and that’s where a good manager is important.

8) In these times of crisis, you’re lucky to have a job

The funny thing about this phrase is never repeated those who think they should also be grateful to have a job. It is, in short, a great insult telling an employee that is amazing to be between 90% of the population that does work. Actually speak ill of the employer and, ultimately, working for someone too critical or eternally dissatisfied means it’s time to make the bags and find another place where other can appreciate the efforts.