The digital era – the jobs that you should know

The digital era – the jobs that you should know
We are immersed in a society redirected to the digital world. More and more of the things we need are related to the tech world. Until the blinds are raised with a remote control! Life in general is giving this change, so it works equally so are doing. The digital works are the order of the day! . From the Blog careertracing we will create a list of jobs in the digital world.

HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails … words we have to get to know. Children begin to take college classes programming language … if they can, we also have to begin to absorb that knowledge which are now so appreciated by companies.

The jobs of the digital world

1. Digital Sales Specialist.

The business we know businesses are characterized by being glued to the phone all day and be forth in client meetings. This is the traditional version of the commercial, one of those jobs that has adapted to the digital era. The Digital Sales Specialist is responsible for conducting promotional activities and sales organization through Internet. A profile of trade but with knowledge of Online Marketing to establish these promotional strategies.

2. Digital Project Manager Project Manager already know to within companies:

who is responsible SEO and Marketing Professionals for establishing and managing the projects of the company. Well, this post has burst its online version. Now you have to know direct digital conversion and maintenance of area businesses. Now besides knowing the physical market companies, it is also necessary to know how business works through Internet. To fill these jobs in the digital world is necessary to have interest on how the web works and Internet users

3. Digital Communication Specialist.

Business communication is a vital aspect for companies. You need to know to communicate to your audience, but also need to establish good internal communication with employees of the company and make them aware of what is happening in your workplace. Crossing borders and going to the world of technology, the role of Digital Communication Specialist will be to improve communication initiatives across the enterprise content management and design of the Online platforms such as websites, social outlines. For all this, it must also be communication expert knowledgeable in neuromarketing and user experience.

4. Content Manager.

The companies do not stop generating content across all platforms. Both level and offline digital level. Companies need someone to supervise the contents to be spread externally to customers. For this there is the figure of Content Manager, a person who is responsible for developing the content that the company published both on the web, blog and networks, social. You need to have expertise in SEO and Community Management.
We also recommend the following:

5. Social CRM Manager.

This is another business profiles that has emerged with the digital era is Social CRM Manager. Aims at the creation or maintenance of strategies focused on customer relations from patterns of user behavior on the Internet through the CRM system.

6. SEO and SEM Specialist.

For Online Marketing experts these are two well-known terms. Both are aimed at attracting users to the web. SEO Specialist’s mission is to position the web’s best on search engines like Google, so that the page more visible to users. SEM Specialist aims to create advertising campaigns and buying positions in search engines to improve uptake business users.

7. Studies online.

Lead Marketing. When we get an email about a course or some information and a button called “click for details” that’s making a lead appears. The companies make money by the lead and is a way of capturing users.

8. Social Media Manager.

Creates, develops and monitors corporate identity through social networks. Social networks become the perfect showcase for companies to publicize their products and interact with users. Twitter, Facebook, blog … the strategy of the contents of these networks rests with the Social Media Manager, one of the jobs of the most popular digital world.

9. User Experience Specialist.

More and more companies have products for web and apps. All these services have to test them before they reach the end user. This is the function of User Experience, I experience what is the experience the user will have to use our product. It ensures that the web provides a good user experience. Develop digital interfaces should know and be familiar with web analytics.

10. App Developer.

It is a new profession that has emerged that the outbreak of the apps. Everyone uses their smartphones for any management and apps are giving great results for businesses. Developing Apps for iOS and Android is creating many jobs in the digital world.