The Easiest Way to Make $100 a Day in a Spiritual Niche (100% From Home)

Imagine what your life would look like if you could truly build a business around a lifestyle that you loved… WITHOUT gimmicks, gadgets and gurus.

Imagine how much more complete and fulfilled and enlivened your life would be if you weren’t chasing goals and dreams that felt perpetually pushed further and further away, and instead you were actually embodying them with your work, and in your life, right NOW.

The truth is, after a decade of working online myself… first as an affiliate marketer, then as an “online marketer” and finally as what I like to think of as a heart centered coach, and a passion and purpose publisher and professional, I can honestly tell you that there is no more fulfilling job than this.

I want to give you a few simple tips and tricks to first earn $100 a day… and then of course, hopefully parlay that into much, much more, and truly build the sort of brand and business that makes your lives work come alive.

First – DO make it about the math, and not the marketing. (especially when you are trying to consistently hit a certain dollar figure everyday)

The truth is, if you are selling a service, especially a spiritual service that revolves around YOU, it’s easy to get caught up in taking everything personally, and trying really, really hard to master the marketing, when all you really need to do is dumb it down and keep it simple.

Here is an example of this approach.

I write 5 articles like this one, every day as a rule. It takes me about 90 minutes. (I type fast:-)

Each article generates about 10 visitors to my landing page on average.

Out of every 10 visitors, about 4 will sign up for my newsletter.

And about 10% of my newsletter subscribers, will eventually become clients for my 100K coaching consulting program.

If I know that my ultimate offer is $500, and that roughly 5 articles will generate on average about 50 visitors, of which ONE is likely to become a client after about 30 days, I know that those 90 minutes, mas o menus, on average… generated about $500 for my business.

Not too shabby, right?

It’s a focus on math, and simple straight lines, NOT complexity or confusion that makes that possible, and everyone reading this right now can do the very same thing.

If you want to earn $100 a day instead?

Simply reverse engineer the math above so that it works for your goals. (e.g. – maybe you’ll write slower, or write less, or maybe your coaching offer will only cost $150 to start, it matters not, just follow the formula above)Make Money

The best part about spiritual niches, at least for me…

Is that they feel good. I love empowering people and inspiring people with ideas. Pushing people to achieve their true potential. Spiritual doesn’t mean “god” or religious to me. (it may mean that to you, which is totally cool too) It simply means to pick a niche that is about MEANING, and that matters to you. And that aligns with your ultimate life’s goals as well. That’s the secret of setting up a business you love, an income you appreciate, and a life that makes you smile inside, as well!