The Fastest Growing Careers in America

In today’s uncertain economy, numerous men and women are searching for steady work in a position where layoffs or downsizing are not something they have to worry about. With many companies restructuring and cyberspace replacing many jobs that were once handled by humans, it is not surprising that many individuals have such concerns. Those who are planning to obtain a college education may wish to consider the following occupations.

Systems and Data Communication Analyst

Pursuing a job as a systems and data communication analyst is a worthwhile endeavor. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics a growth of almost 50 percent is expected in this field by the year 2018. These impressive statistics make this option an excellent one for anyone who enjoys working with data communication systems of any type. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to obtain employment in this field.

Physical Therapist

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that the physical therapy field will grow at a faster than average pace through the year 2016. A master’s degree is typically required for you to become licensed as a physical therapist, although there are a handful of states that allow a minimum education requirement of a bachelor’s degree. However, you should be aware that the American Physical Therapy Association is working toward changing these requirements so that such professionals will need a doctorate in physical therapy in order to practice.


A shortage of qualified nurses has been steadily occurring over the past three decades, and with the retirement of the baby boomer generation, this shortage has now reached a crisis level. Almost all medical facilities are understaffed in their nursing departments, meaning that job openings for qualified individuals are available in virtually any area of the country. The minimum education required to become a registered nurse is a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, depending on whether or not you wish to specialize in a specific nursing field.


Environmental Science Technician

As concerns about the environment grow and scientists struggle to find solutions for global warming and atmospheric changes, the field of environmental science is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. Education requirements vary from one employer to the next; however, most individuals must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, forensic science, or biology. An impressive number of job openings is expected in this field through the year 2018. Those with a good aptitude for science and who are concerned about preserving the Earth may find this career ideal.


More and more pet owners are seeking better care for their animals, and virtually every state in the country now has access to pet health insurance. For this reason, job openings for veterinarians are expected to increase by 28 percent through the year 2014. These figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that anyone who chooses to pursue an education to become a veterinarian is making a wise decision. A doctorate in veterinary medicine is the minimum education required to pursue this career.

When pursuing a higher education, you should select schools carefully and review all their options before making a final decision about enrollment. The aforementioned fields, and other occupations for which growth is expected, are wise choices for those who wish to shield themselves from future unemployment.

By Amanda Moses